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Every Family Deserves a Safe Home

Families in the Caribbean and Latin America need your help.

Shorna-Kay lives in Jamaica in a dilapidated house that is sagging downhill. She has no running water or electricity. Gaping holes in the rotting floorboards of their house pose a serious danger to her young children. Her 3-year-old, Daniel, has already fallen through one of the holes, leaving a nasty gash in his leg.

In Honduras, Maria and her children squeeze into a flimsy structure, made up of plastic, wood and zinc sheets, which offers little protection from the wind and rain that assault their home. She can only wait for the storms to pass and pray that their rickety house won’t be ripped apart.

No one should live in these conditions. But Shorna-Kay and Maria have no choice. Without steady work, any money they can scrape together is spent on food. There is nothing left for home building or repairs. Through it all, they persevere, strong in their faith that one day someone will look their way.

You can be that someone!

Thanks to a matching gift from a generous benefactor, every gift for housing received by February 28, 2022, will include a dollar-for-dollar food match. This means that your loving generosity will go even further to help more families!

Please be as generous as you can today to help impoverished families have a better life, a better home and brighter future!


“God is our refuge and our strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.”
(Psalm 46:1, NIV)

Shorna-Kay’s home is a dangerous hazard for her young children. She wants 3-year-old twins Daniel and Daniella, and 5-year-old Danisha to grow up in a safe home and be able to walk through the house without falling through the rotting floor.

Donald, 9 years old, son (white shirt); Gladys, 4 years old, daughter (leopard print dress); Lydia, 5 years old, daughter (pink top); Sonia 16 mos., daughter (Striped dress); Maria, 32 years old, mom (blue shirt). When the rains come, Maria and her children squeeze into the tiny shack trying to find a dry space. But gaps in the plastic walls and leaks in the rusted zinc roof can’t keep the water from soaking everyone and everything.

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