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Food For The Poor is responding to an urgent need for aid to help our neighbors in Central America, who have been devastated by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Emergency relief is needed immediately for the victims, who face starvation and death as the storm and flood waters have destroyed crops.

Essential items needed:

  • Non-perishable food with an expiration date after May 2021
  • Shelf stable milk with an expiration date after May 2021
  • Baby food and cereal with an expiration date after May 2021
  • Baby items: diapers, wipes, blankets, gently used baby clothes
  • Adult diapers
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Soap (bar or liquid)
  • Tools: new shovels, rain boots, raincoats, work gloves, construction trash bags and buckets for disaster clean-up
  • Non-aerosol insect repellent with an expiration date after May 2021
  • Cots or sleeping mats
  • First aid items: band-aids, gauze, kits (no expired items, please)

Please deliver items to our Coconut Creek warehouse at 6401 Lyons Road, Coconut Creek, Florida, 33073 Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Signs will be posted on our property to direct you to the warehouse.

Any local church or school that wants to donate to the Hurricane Eta and Iota relief effort please consider the following:

  • Have one or two drop-off sites to help centralize the locations
  • Carefully sort through the items for proper expiration dating
  • Package in boxes with like items
  • Keep an inventory of goods to provide us prior to pick-up.
  • This inventory is crucial for export and import in-country through customs

To register your church or organization for a collection drive, please click here.

Please call (954) 427-2222 ext. 4055 or email for donation details.

You may also purchase critically needed relief supplies through our Amazon Charity List:

To create an online fundraiser for relief efforts, please visit

A toddler is carried over a flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Eta in Jerusalen, Honduras. ETA made landfall in Nicaragua as a Category 4 hurricane on Tuesday Nov 03, 2020, and has devastated much of Central America, with severe flooding, mudslides, and a rising death toll and displacing thousands from their homes. (AP Photo/Delmer Martinez)

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