Feed a hungry family for a month

Feed a hungry family for a month

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Feed a hungry family for a month



Hunger and extreme poverty

In the countries we serve, hunger is an overwhelming reality for our families. They live in extreme poverty, and for some, it means searching trash for discarded food. In Guatemala and Honduras, where poverty rates are very high, we’ve helped families who used to spend their whole day in garbage dumps searching for aluminum cans, copper, or bottles.

Food Distribution Haiti 2023

Water pump Project Haiti April 2020

Insufficient income

Poor families often have limited or unstable sources of income, making it difficult for them to afford an adequate and nutritious diet. They rely on loans or credit to purchase food, which can lead to a cycle of debt and financial instability. Chronic hunger and malnutrition can lead to health problems, including stunted growth in children, weakened immune systems, and cognitive development issues.

Be the catalyst for change

Getting families out of hazardous activities and stabilizing their health is critical to a better future. Feeding a family for a month is a stepping stone that will allow us to put them on a pathway to self-reliance and sustainability. It means using that time to enroll the parents into our micro-enterprise program and send their children to school, which we couldn’t do without our donors or partners.

Water Pump Project Honduras March 2021

Empower Education
Make a Lasting Impact

You can help us alleviate poverty for the next generation by starting a fundraiser campaign. Click the link below to learn how you can build a micro site and invite your friends to donate.

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