Lack of Medical Care

More than 1 billion people lack access to medical care.

One of the great tragedies in this world is when children are lost to a preventable cause. The two biggest killers of children worldwide – diarrhea and pneumonia – are easily treated when there is access to medical care. But for the millions of poor families throughout the Caribbean and Latin America who cannot afford even basic medicines, or the transportation costs to reach the nearest hospital, illnesses can quickly become life-threatening.

Food For The Poor relies upon kindhearted donors to be able to provide essential medicines, equipment and medical supplies to poverty-stricken areas. Only through you can we support clinics, hospitals and nutrition centers that offer lifesaving treatment to those who have nowhere else to turn. Our well-established networks of partner organizations offer affordable (and often free-of-charge) care to the poor. From the Bernard Mevs Hospital in Haiti, to the Our Lady of the Poor Clinic in Jamaica, to the countless medical centers we support throughout Central America, poor children and families are receiving lifesaving medical care. We need your help to continues saving lives.

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How We Help

  • In the first six months of 2020, a total of 256 tractor-trailer loads of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, medical furniture and medical equipment were sent to the countries we serve
  • We support hospitals, clinics, HIV/AIDS facilities, homes for the elderly and homes for orphaned and abandoned children

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