A fruit tree

A fruit tree

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A fruit tree



Planting hope with a fruit tree

Many of our families struggle to put food on the table and often lack access to nutritious options. Your donation of a fruit tree can help change that. With a fruit-bearing tree, families can have a sustainable source of healthy food and an opportunity for income by selling any excess fruit.

Fruit Tree Planting Jamaica

Fruit Tree Mature Haiti

A gift that keeps on giving

Breadfruit, mango, and avocado trees are a few fruit trees that can significantly make an impact. They provide food, offer shade, and help combat deforestation.

Fight food insecurity with a sustainable solution

A fruit tree is a local alternative to importing food from another country. It not only helps combat food insecurity in the immediate term but also contributes to the long-term development of the local economy. We believe finding affordable solutions to significantly change our families’ futures is essential.

Fruit Tree Planting Jamaica

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For the Holidays

Take advantage of a special 3X food match. Every dollar you give before midnight December 31 will be matched to provide $3 worth of lifesaving food up to $1,000,000.

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