Working Together To Make A Sustainable Difference

Partnering To Make A Sustainable Difference

Research shows that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important and today represents a global mindset. Aligning CSR initiatives with FFTP programs will make a positive impact on ending poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America and can serve to earn the trust and respect of company stakeholders including employees, suppliers, customers, communities, and shareholders.

Individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, and other non-profit organizations empower Food For The Poor to provide safe housing, health care, education, clean water, support for vulnerable children, care for the elderly, micro-enterprise assistance, and community development programs in addition to much-needed emergency relief and food for hundreds of thousands of people each day.

Together we can make a sustainable difference. We welcome you to support one of our life-changing development programs and invite you to partner with us to give our poorest neighbors in the Americas a chance at a better future. For more information:  

Partnering With Companies To Create Solutions

By partnering with Food For The Poor, your business can help to ensure
a better tomorrow for those suffering in extreme poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Become a Partner

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Food For The Poor. Please fill out a form by clicking the button or call us at 954-427-2222.

Take Action

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Corporations and foundations supporting Food For The Poor are making a difference in
ending poverty and making an impact with other Sustainable Development Goals.