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The poverty indicators for Ecuador are evident and so FFTP expanded its work to the country in 2022. To truly lift individuals, families and communities out of poverty, there must be a focus on developmental and sustainable efforts. This is only the beginning of our work.

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FFTP provided supplies and pumping equipment to restore drinking water to 1,000 residents after floods destroyed the Carlos Concha community’s water supply in Esmeraldas province.

Emergency Aid

Emergency aid

Disasters like earthquakes, COVID, and political unrest are met with vital supplies.

God’s Love

God’s Love

People’s faith in the light of Christ delivers them from the darkness shadowing their lives.



A new project in partnership with CODESPA will improve income and food security by 15% for 200 families of small milk and alpaca wool producers in the communities of Sacha and Cumbijín in the Province of Cotopaxi.

Our Impact in Ecuador


FFTP began working with partner Legado Foundation. The project goal is to diminish chronic childhood malnutrition by providing consistent water for the inhabitants of the community of Visote-Nueva Esperanza. Joining efforts to comply with one of the seven programs of Ecuador’s national strategy to reduce Childhood Chronic Malnutrition, this project plans to optimize and improve all existing water system that are in very bad condition. This project will supply materials such as air and drainage valves, reserve tanks, water distribution network, and chlorination unit for 58 beneficiaries.

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