Mission Trip Testimonials

This was an amazing, life changing journey, as each trip makes me a better human being. I thank God each day for blessing me to be able to participate in Missionary journeys, because I am blessed each time I endeavor to help others.

– Georgia V / New York​

This trip was one of the most special weeks of my life, and it changed me. I’m not the same person after my Journey of Hope and I plan to continue to support FFP, and God will lead the way in where we go from here.

– John G / Colorado​

This was the best mission trip we have been on. The people of Haiti are a beautiful people, full of hope and faith. They are desperately poor, but know their God. They are the face of Jesus among us.

– Cindy H / Colorado​

I am always impressed with Food For The Poor trips. They are well thought out as to what they show donors, the experiences they give, and the projects they have, as well as what they are accomplishing for the country.

– Marietta B / Florida

The leaders are personable, compassionate and obviously dedicated to the mission of helping the poorest among us. They arranged a full schedule and kept us on track while fostering a collegial atmosphere that made the mission enjoyable and memorable. Outstanding job.

– Paul N / North Carolina

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