Generations of Hope

In a remote area of Guyana where the literacy rate is low and food insecurity is high, the residents of Baramita Village hold onto hope.

Food For The Poor donor-supported projects recently implemented in Baramita include the Food Security Project and a new library with a specific focus on supporting the education of children ages 3 to 14.

Rich Tools for Education

The library is complete with textbooks, a television, two 10-inch computer tablets and other teaching aids. This center for education encourages learning through an introduction to technology and remedial instruction.

“Now the youth can learn some skills that can take them through life,” said “Toshao” Sharmain, the village leader.

Natural Resources and Sustainable Farming

The Food Security Project instructs 25 local farmers in practices that combine the knowledge of the land of the older generation with new methods of sustainable agriculture training. Learning to use their natural resources in a sustainable way will boost Baramita’s crops and its food security.

And they will rely less on outside help to bring in vegetables and other crops to their village.

“We can have our own farmers trained right in our own village, our very own people who can benefit the village,” “Toshao” Sharmain said. “I’m very grateful for this gift that we received here as residents of Baramita.”

Because of you and other donors who believe in giving a community a reason to hope, Baramita Village has been blessed with an incredible future.

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