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There are three ways you can help alleviate poverty. You can start an online fundraiser, shop our gift catalog, or become a donor.

Immediate Response & Re-Stocking for The Next Disaster

FFTP recently shipped 53 containers in preparation for a humanitarian crisis in the Caribbean. Currently, we are distributing disaster relief kits, food, and medical supplies, but we already need to restock as we anticipate a long, active hurricane season. Another system may be headed to the Caribbean as early as next week, leaving the victims of Hurricane Beryl even more vulnerable.

  • A Disaster Relief Kit
    A Disaster Relief Kit


  • medicines and supplies
    Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies


  • Help Build a House
    Help Build a House



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How to Build Safe Housing for Impoverished Families

Housing | How We Help

How to Build Safe Housing for Impoverished Families

Safe, sturdy housing is the foundation of building a new life for impoverished families. But how can such housing be constructed in both an efficient, and cost-effective manner? For families living in poverty, the term “home sweet home” is far from reality. Many families in Latin America and the Caribbean […]

home made from fiber cement to promote environmental stability

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6 Environmental Sustainability Practices for Charities

Addressing environmental sustainability isn’t just about protecting nature for its own sake. As the term implies, environmental sustainability focuses on promoting the well-being of the environment. A pillar of sustainable development, it promotes living in a way that doesn’t strain natural resources, an approach that helps maintain an ecological balance […]

Help Us Address Food Shortages

Food insecurity immediately after a natural disaster becomes a critical issue when the availability, access, and quality of food are severely disrupted. Hurricane Beryl is likely to cause significant disruption to agricultural production, supply chains, and infrastructure. Help us address the aftermath.

  • Feed a hungry family for a month
    Feed a hungry family for a month


  • Feed a Child for a Year
    Feed a Child for a Year


  • 1,000 pounds of rice and beans
    1,000 pounds of rice and beans