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What is Angels of Hope?

The Angels Of Hope program by Food For The Poor is a child sponsorship initiative that provides crucial support to abandoned, orphaned, and neglected children in Latin America and the Caribbean. Established in 2003, this program aims to improve the lives of vulnerable children by placing them in loving group homes where their basic needs, including food, education, and health care, are met.

Children in the Angels Of Hope program often come from challenging backgrounds, including poverty, abuse, and neglect. The program supports these children by ensuring they receive consistent care and nurturing in a stable environment. Sponsors play a vital role in this process by providing financial support that covers essential items and services such as food, personal care items, educational materials, and special events like birthdays and Christmas celebrations.

The program currently supports over 7,000 children across 130 group homes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition to providing daily necessities, sponsorship through Angels Of Hope offers emotional and spiritual support. Sponsors can correspond with their sponsored children, fostering a sense of connection and care that is essential for the children's emotional well-being and development.

How Does it Work?

Enroll in the program

Enroll in the program

For just $34/month, you can sponsor a child with food, care items, education, and more.

Receive a Welcome Packet

Receive a Welcome Packet

We'll mail you a photo and bio of your child and stationery to write to them.

Send First Letter

Send First Letter

Receive heartwarming letters from your child, plus photos and newsletters with updates.

Provide Emotional Support

Provide Emotional Support

Help a child with a life-changing opportunity to rise above poverty, thrive and grow.


Your sponsorship help support your child’s development while maintaining children’s homes.

Items Provided to Support
The Children

  • Meals
  • Personal care items
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • School supplies
  • Birthday and Christmas gifts

Items Provisioned to Maintain
The Children’s Home

  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Minor home improvement items such as paint, shelving, roof repair, fans, doors, bathroom remodeling.
  • Kitchen appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washing machines.

Meet Some of Our Sponsored Children


The children look forward to hearing from you. Blank stationery and a return envelope are included in each Welcome Packet and in each letter from your child. You may also send a letter anytime online on this website by clicking here.

Read ABOUT THEIR journey

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2022 Spring Newsletter
2022 Fall Newsletter
2023 Spring Newsletter
2023 Fall Newsletter
2024 Spring Newsletter


the sponsor and her child interacting
the sponsor and her child interacting
the sponsor and her child interacting

Writing letters
Writing letters
Writing letters

shipping and opening gifts
shipping and opening gifts
shipping and opening gifts

Food delivery and eating
Food delivery and eating
Food delivery and eating


Every child is a precious gift from God – especially vulnerable children who long to know that they are not forgotten. They need angels here on earth to watch over them and ensure their needs are met.

Why Should You Sponsor a Child Through Angels Of Hope (AOH)?

Since its beginning in 2002, Angels Of Hope’s goal is to improve the lives of vulnerable children who come from poverty and/or have been abandoned or removed from their families due to an at-risk situation. Your support will allow these desperate boys and girls to heal, thrive, and grow in a stable and loving children’s home environment.

It is only because of our sponsors that we can provide the homes with much-needed basic items (food, personal care items, cleaning supplies, clothing, school supplies, etc.), special events for birthdays and Christmas, small home repairs, and so much more. 

How Many Children Are in the AOH Program?

We have almost 7,000 children, teenagers, and young adults living in 130 children’s homes. The children range in age from infants to 21 years old.

(As of March 2024 – subject to change)

Where Does Angels Of Hope Operate?

Our Head Office is in Coconut Creek, Florida. We work with in-country partners who help us administer the program in five countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, and Honduras. We have plans to expand to Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor a Child?

For only $34 per month, your ongoing commitment will help to change a child’s life. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You can also sponsor more than one child. What a blessing to know you are sharing the love of Christ with these precious children!

How Many Sponsors for Each Child?

Angels Of Hope connects one sponsor to one child. We encourage you to regularly write to your child to develop a special bond and relationship. The children cannot wait to receive your letters! 

Why Automatic Withdrawals?

By reducing our processing and postage costs, automatic withdrawals allow more of your donation to go toward supporting your sponsored child. Automatic withdrawals are also more convenient and frees you from writing checks and paying for postage.

Will I Be Able To Select My Child?

All children in this program need and deserve the love and support of an Angel Of Hope. In an effort to be as fair and helpful as possible, we prayerfully select a child for you based on greatest need. This method of selection not only allows us to meet the greatest needs first, it also reduces our administrative expenses by not having to match requested criteria to a particular child.

If your sponsored child leaves their home to live with relatives or because he or she has reached adulthood, you will be notified and given the opportunity to sponsor another child.

What Are the Children’s Homes Like?

We select homes that have established themselves as trusted, respected and ethical institutions. We take our time to develop a relationship and an understanding of each home before we invite them to participate in the Angels Of Hope program. These homes help children grow and develop mentally and physically in a loving environment. Our coordinators regularly visit and communicate with each home to ensure we are aware of their needs and able to provide them with the best support possible.

Each home is different and serves a different population of children. Some homes maintain a school on the same property, while others have beautiful farms or vocational training programs. Children come to our Angels Of Hope program from different family backgrounds. Some children live at the homes, receiving an education on scholarship and a stable living environment that their parents cannot afford. 

Other children may have been placed in the home by local governing authorities because of alleged neglect or abuse. Still others might be truly orphaned, while some have been abandoned and have no relatives able to care for them. 

The Angels Of Hope program works to supply the necessary resources so that each home’s staff is able to provide a high, integrated quality of care. But even in the best environment, all children want to know that someone has a special place in their heart just for them. That’s what you can do. You are their Angel!

Note: AOH does not manage any of the homes.

What Will I Receive When I Sponsor a Child?

1) Welcome Packet – Once your first payment is processed, it takes approximately three weeks for you to receive a Welcome Packet in the mail. Included in the packet is a brief bio and photo of your child, photo frame magnet, country fact sheet, information about the program, and blank stationery to write to your sponsored child.

If you prefer, you can submit a letter to your child online at

2) Digital Scrapbook – Twice per year, you will receive a digital scrapbook from the home where your child lives. You will get a chance to hear from the Home’s Director, see photos of the home, and watch videos and view photos of fun activities and special events taking place at the home.  Included will be heartfelt drawings and messages from the children. You will also see the much-needed aid that we provide the home.

Don’t miss out on these informative and fun scrapbooks!! In order to confirm your email address, please go to

3) Updated Photo and Bio – You will also receive an updated annual photo and bio of your child.  Imagine how special it will be to see your child growing and maturing each year.  

4) Newsletter  – We also mail two times per year our Spring and Fall Newsletters. They are filled with beautiful stories and photos about the children in the AOH program. A digital version is also available on our website.

Will I Be Able To Correspond With My Child?

Corresponding with your child is a special way to build that lasting bond and relationship. 

This is a new policy at AOH. We will no longer be providing letters from your child if you have not written to him/her.

Please include your child’s first name (*) and correspondence # on all letters, cards, etc. to ensure they are delivered to the right child.

Children who are too young to write or have special needs will send a handprint or drawing. A caregiver at the home will write a message to you on behalf of the child. Your sponsored child will eagerly anticipate a letter or any form of correspondence from you. Even sending photographs of your family life or a postcard with a caring note can lift your child’s spirits and become a meaningful experience for him or her. 

If you write to your child, the first cycle of child letters is mailed to sponsors between April to June. The second cycle of child letters is mailed during September to November. Depending on when your sponsorship started, you may miss the first child letter writing cycle.

If you prefer, you can submit a letter to your child online at

* Using only the child’s first name protects the identity and adds security for underage children.

Will Stationery Be Provided?

Blank stationery and a return envelope will be provided in the Welcome Packet so you can write your first letter to your child. When the child responds to a letter that you have written, we will include blank stationery and a return envelope so you can continue developing this special bond with your child.

Feel free to use your own stationery to write to your child. Please include your child’s name and correspondence number on the letter. Mail the letter to:

Angels Of Hope
c/o Food For The Poor
Donor Membership Services
6401 Lyons Road
P.O. Box 979005
Coconut Creek, FL  33097-9005

Can I Send Gifts to My Sponsored Child?

As part of your Angels Of Hope sponsorship, the children’s home where your sponsored child lives will help celebrate your child’s birthday as well as Christmas – two special occasions in every child’s life. You can send an additional donation to make these events even more festive at your child’s home, especially as there are many children who do not have sponsors. 

Please do not send packages or any physical gifts such as toys, stuffed animals, books, etc. These types of items incur additional costs to deliver. We cannot guarantee items will not get lost in transit, nor can we ensure when the gift items will arrive in-country. 

You may send additional gifts to your sponsored child, but they should be small, paper items attached to your letter that will fit into the envelope. Please include child’s first name and correspondence # on all additional gifts. For example, bookmarks, cards, stickers, pictures of you and your family, etc., are fun, easy to send, and help forge the bond between you and your sponsored child. When the child receives the physical gifts is unpredictable as we depend on when container shipments leave our main office.

Can I Send My Child a Birthday or Christmas Present?

Each home has its own way of celebrating birthdays. Some homes host one party per month for all the children celebrating birthdays, while others may do something special on each individual day. Through your sponsorship, we send funding to the homes for the children’s birthdays. For Christmas, we provide funds for a special holiday meal as well as a present for each child in the program. So you are already sending them a birthday and Christmas present!

Any additional donations would be greatly appreciated to help offset program expenses for those children who do not have a sponsor.

Why Does My Child’s Bio Have Only His Age and Not His Birth Date?

Many of our children do not have legal documents, such as a birth certificate. Oftentimes, children born to impoverished families may not have ever had a birth certificate, or it was lost along the way. As a result, many of the children’s ages are estimated when they arrive to the homes. As the children receive proper nutrition and care, it may turn out that they are in fact older than initially estimated. Therefore, program-wide, we feature ages (which are sometimes only estimates), and not birthdays.

We also do not provide the full birth date as a form of identity protection for the child.

Why Do I Only Use My Child’s First Name in My Letters?

Using only the child’s first name protects their identity and adds security for underage children.

How Do I Find out the Name of the Children’s Home Where My Child Lives?

For the safety and security of the children, we do not provide the name of the children’s home or the city. We only provide the name of the country.

Does My Sponsored Child Know My Full Name and Address?

In order to protect your privacy, we only share your first name with your sponsored child. We do not provide your address, city, or state location.  

What Happens if My Child Leaves the Home?

If your sponsored child leaves the home, whether he or she is adopted, moves in with relatives, or becomes an adult, you will be notified and invited to sponsor another child.

A Note About Adoptions …

Food For The Poor is not a licensed adoption agency, and this program should in no way be construed as an adoption opportunity.

For More Information, Please Contact Angels of Hope:

Telephone: 954-427-2222, ext. 6608