God Gives Strength

The rickety house in Jamaica where Nola and her children used to live was dangerous. Made of wood slats, rusty zinc sheets and other scraps, it had many sharp edges. The children sometimes cut themselves when they brushed up against them. There was no way to keep her little ones safe.

During rainstorms, water dripped through the leaky roof and onto the family as they slept. Worst of all, the shack was flimsy and without a locking door. Nola worried about a stranger breaking inside and hurting her family.

Trying to feed her children was a daily challenge, so a new and safer house was far beyond her means. Nola found strength in her faith in the Lord and prayer.

“”God was on my side, so I pushed through,” she said. “He was my biggest strength.

Thanks to kind and generous people like you, Nola and her children now have a new home provided by Food For The Poor. The home has been a true blessing. If Nola could thank you in person, she would, because her new house changed their lives for the better.

“Thank you, Jesus, I finally have a roof over my head,” Nola said.

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