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Guatemala's Housing Crisis

In Guatemala, inadequate housing remains a critical issue. According to the World Bank, 1.96 million Guatemalan families are currently affected by substandard housing.

Food for the Poor (FFTP) annually supports housing initiatives like those in Los Pirires and El Tablòn. Your contributions are indispensable for the success of these projects, which play a pivotal role in alleviating poverty.

Guatemala's Housing Crisis

Los Pires Project

Los Pirires is home to approximately 2,300 people, many of whom survive on low-wage work in textile production, firework casings, or cultivating agriculture. Most homes in Los Pirires are single rooms constructed from scrap wood, corn cane, nylon, and zinc sheets.

We constructed 100 houses with clean water and sanitation facilities, benefiting 500 people in Los Pirires.

El Tablon Housing

El Tablón is a small community of 300 families. Most villagers work in agriculture and informal trade. Houses in El Tablón tend to be made of scraps with dirt floors. Many large families live in overcrowded conditions.

We provided new homes or repaired existing homes (including paint, electrical systems, concrete floors, and new doors, windows, and roofs) to improve the health and safety of 54 marginalized El Tablón families.

El Tablon Housing


Our construction process is all about partnering with and empowering the beneficiary families. Our builders consider everything, from the family's needs to the local materials and weather conditions. This thorough approach also boosts the local economy by using materials from the community. With efficient planning and construction methods, we create homes with essential amenities for less than $10,000 per home.

The Impact of Sponsoring an FFTP Home

We equip each house with the following features:

  • Two bedrooms
  • A living room
  • A bathroom facility
  • A water component
  • Well-ventilated cooking areas
  • Furnishings
  • Lighting

Components of Every Home

Each FFTP house we build includes components that foster a brighter future.

  • Plumbed toilets and sinks reduce the spread of germs and disease
  • Ventilated cooking areas prevent respiratory infections
  • Lighting enables children to study at night
  • Structurally sound houses offer reliable protection from natural disasters

María Luisa Chitay, San Juan Sacatepequez

Dora Margarita Sequén Sicán is a 27-year-old mother of two young children, Sandra Melisa Pixtún Pixtún (6) and Marcos Andrés Chavix Sequén (9 months). Dora's parents support them.

When this housing project came along, Dora was overjoyed at the opportunity to participate. She even carried most of the construction materials to her land herself. Dora is now incredibly grateful to have a safe home for herself and her children while they await Marcos' return.


  • Gift 2 burner stove
    A two-burner propane stove
  • Help build a house
    Help build a house
  • a foldable cot with mattress
    a foldable cot with mattress

Pedro Rafael, Santa Catarina Pinula

Thelma Isabel Pérez Méndez and her husband Emilio Hernández struggled to make ends meet. Their home was in disrepair, with a dirt floor, dilapidated doors, and crawl spaces on the verge of collapse. With no windows, the house was dark, stagnant, and unpleasant.

Thelma and Emilio are overjoyed with their new home. They now have a safe and comfortable place to live and are grateful for the opportunity to improve their health and focus on their daily activities.

With the repairs, Thelma feels motivated to take care of her home and make minor improvements. She and Emilio are grateful for the opportunity to live with dignity.

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