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A Kerosene Stove

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A Kerosene Stove



Many impoverished communities we help rely on firewood for cooking, contributing to environmental degradation and health risks.

Environmental and health challenges

A kerosene stove offers a practical solution that reduces the need for firewood, minimizing deforestation and the harmful effects of indoor smoke. This reliable and efficient cooking method improves the lives of families while promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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2015, Honduras, Child suffering from Malnutrition

Promoting safety

The gift of a kerosene stove offers families a safer and more efficient way to prepare their meals. Cooking with firewood can be hazardous, leading to indoor air pollution and accidental fires. Families can cook in a controlled and safe environment with a kerosene stove, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses and burns. Additionally, the efficiency of a kerosene stove saves time and energy, enabling households to allocate their resources more effectively.

Sustainability and economic development

Reducing firewood usage addresses deforestation and its negative environmental impact, while minimized indoor smoke improves a family’s health and well-being. Moreover, your gift of a kerosene stove opens up economic opportunities, as families can focus on income-generating activities instead of spending excessive time and energy collecting firewood.

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