1982 Society – Wall of Gratitude

Food For The Poor’s 1982 Society, named in honor of the year of our founding, provides the opportunity to make an ongoing, significant impact for the materially poor and poor in spirit. Your support contributes resources for urgent relief where and when it is needed most or funds longer-term sustainable change. With sincere gratitude for our loyal members we honor you below.

To learn more about membership in the 1982 Society please contact your relationship manager or Alison Norris at 1-866-501-4052 or via email: Norris.Alison@foodforthepoor.org

EMERALD DISCIPLE* – $2,000 per year commitment | $10,000 pledge

Green symbolizes life, restoration, and new beginnings. (Psalm 1:3)

SAPPHIRE DISCIPLE* – $5,000 per year pledge | $25,000 pledge

Blue represents the heavens and the word of God. (Exodus 24:10)

RUBY DISCIPLE* – $10,000 per year commitment | $50,000 pledge

Red is associated with the blood of Jesus that He spilled for our Salvation. (Colossians 1:20)

ROYAL DISCIPLE* – $20,000 per year commitment | $100,000 pledge

Purple represents royalty, majesty, and priesthood. (John 19:2)

GOLD DISCIPLE* – $40,000+ per year commitment | $200,000+ pledge

Gold represents God’s glory and majesty and is one of the gifts Jesus received at birth (Matthew 2:11)

Members of the 1982 Society are asked to make a five-year pledge to fulfill their commitment. Supporters may instead choose an accelerated term, but are still expected to fulfill the entire, minimum gift amount at the Disciple level they choose.

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