Help transform the lives of even more families suffering in poverty.

For Hermina, 19, every day is an exhausting struggle. Her home is a primitive, unstable shack in the hills of Honduras made of sticks, rusty sheets of zinc and old discarded rice bags. The flimsy structure provides little protection for her young family against the wind and the water that pours in every time it rains. “I don’t feel safe in the house because if a hurricane comes …,” Hermina said. “We hope God will help us someday to get a better house.”

Like Hermina, there are many suffering mothers who pray daily that God will touch someone’s heart to help them out of these dangerous living conditions. Please provide a home for a poor family by clicking on the link below. May God bless you for your generosity and compassion.

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“It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.”
(Isaiah 4:6, NIV)

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