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Will You Honor the Sacrifice Christ Made for You?

The hardest part of Yesenia’s daily struggle is finding food for her two little boys, Erick, 8, and Franklin, 3. Jobs are scarce in Nicaragua where they live and there is no steady income. The money Yesenia’s husband sometimes makes goes to buy food.

“There is no food, yet, for tomorrow,” Yesenia said. “I am very afflicted when we don’t have food for that day.” But she makes sure her precious little ones eat something, even sacrificing her own food.

Her heart breaks for Erick because she often lacks money to buy the notebooks and pencils he needs for school. “Our son is studying third grade. He’s very smart,” she said. “We don’t have money to buy school supplies. There is little left after school and food, and it presents difficulty.”

Despite her struggles, Yesenia does not despair. Instead, she finds great comfort in her faith, knowing God will be there to comfort her when she falls. “I always pray,” she said. “I ask Him to bless us for the day, to give us strength.”

Lent is a season of spiritual renewal, a time to pause and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross. Whenever we reach out to lift and comfort children and families in need, we honor Christ’s sacrifice.

Please help ease the suffering of children living in the grip of poverty and honor Christ’s sacrifice by helping families like Yesenia’s. Your loving gift can make a tremendous difference to a child in need.


“Blessed are the poor in spirit for
theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
(Matthew 5:3, NIV)

Yesenia wants a better life for her sons Erick, 8, and Franklin, 3, “so they don’t have to go through our struggles.”

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