Our Church, School and Community Development Department will work with you to identify projects that connect your passion with the most urgent and desperate need in Latin America and the Caribbean. We believe the church is still the hope of the world, and we want to partner with you and turn hope into action. Your church can be the change.


You have probably heard that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it often takes a coalition of churches to transform a community. Your church may have the capacity to take on the task of rebuilding a community. Some churches have joined together with other passionate congregations to bring about transformation.

Twinning Parishes

Going to the ends of the earth creates challenges, but that’s what the church is called to do. And that’s what many churches have done to link arms with a sister church in Haiti. We believe we have a solution to the long-term rising operational costs. The answer is implementing income generating projects within the church community.



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