Boca Grande 2022


The Boca Grande Hope For Haitians Committee and Food For The Poor invite you to help raise funds to build 40 homes to benefit families in Périgny, Haiti.

Périgny is an impoverished community in Les Cayes, Haiti, that has been devastated by natural disasters in recent years, causing widespread fear and devastation for families already suffering in destitute poverty. Conditions deteriorated in 2022 with the cost of basic products, food and gas rising, and food insecurity worsening, leaving many families struggling in makeshift houses built of mud and sticks, with roofs of sheet metal or old tarps.

Périgny needs your help NOW more than ever! Your loving gift will transform the lives of families by providing them with safe, sturdy shelter and a strong foundation for a future filled with hope.

Together, united in God’s work, we will ease the suffering of impoverished children and families living in destitute conditions.

Please prayerfully consider blessing a Haitian family in need through one of the donation options provided here or a gift amount that is meaningful to you.

Don’t let those families suffer any longer than necessary.

Please make your generous donation today.


Event Chair

Ben & Louise Scott

Committee Members

Rev. Gary Beatty
Rev. Jerome Carosella
Rev. Michelle Robertshaw
Henry & Ginny Bryant
George & Lois Castrucci
Patricia Chapman
John Denneen
Lou & Corie Fusz
Jim & Lynda Grant
Wayne & Janice Hursen
Stephen & Susan Jansen
Tom & Nancy Lorden

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