Suffering Children Need Your Help

In Honduras, 1-year-old Jeremi is hungry. He is too young to understand why his mother doesn’t give him something to stop the pain in his empty stomach.

His mother, Erika, does the best she can, but jobs are scarce. Sadly, she knows that unless Jeremi receives the nourishment he needs, his health and his future will remain uncertain.

Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, there are millions of children just like Jeremi who are desperately in need of lifesaving nourishment. And there are millions of mothers like Erika who hope and pray for the possibility of a day without hunger, a life without poverty, and a future filled with hope and promise.

Your loving gift for food can save the lives of children like Jeremi, giving them the chance to grow up healthy and realize a life without hunger and pain.

Through your compassionate giving, you show how much you care for children like Jeremi in desperate need of nourishing food.

Please help turn possibility into reality for a hungry child like Jeremi with your generous gift today.


“Let the little children come unto Me and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

(Luke 18:16, NIV)

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