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100 chickens

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100 chickens



Transforming lives

The gift of 100 chicks transforms lives by providing food and financial opportunities. As they grow into hens, families get protein-rich eggs and can sell the extra eggs for income. Our program has a transformative impact on the lives of the poor people we serve, particularly in rural or underserved areas. Chickens are considered valuable assets and can bring numerous benefits to families and communities.

Chicks Recipient, Jamaica, 2017

Chicks Donation Recipient, Homduras, 2022

Economic independence

The 100 Chicks gift addresses food insecurity and malnutrition. Nutritious eggs provide consistent nourishment, improving health. Extra eggs create a chance for the family to sell them to their community, enabling them to eat better and gain financial security.

Building sustainable livelihoods and community growth

Poultry improves food security and sparks economic growth and community development. As the chicks grow into hens, families can expand their flock and share the gift with others, creating a positive chain reaction. By helping families start poultry businesses, we support sustainable livelihoods and boost the local economy.

Chicks Donation Recipient, Honduras, 2022

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Take advantage of a special 3X food match. Every dollar you give before midnight December 31 will be matched to provide $3 worth of lifesaving food up to $1,000,000.

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