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Agricultural Tools



Help impoverished families engage more effectively in farming, potentially lifting them out of poverty and reducing their vulnerability to economic shocks.

Food insecurity

Agricultural tools enable families to grow their own food. In countries facing chronic food insecurity, providing tools increases local food production while reducing reliance on food imports. For better health outcomes, it is critical to improve the production of fresh food for vulnerable households.

Agricultural tools donation

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Sustainable livelihoods

By equipping families in need with the necessary tools, you help them establish sustainable livelihoods. This contributes to their long-term economic stability, reduces dependency on aid, and enhances their resilience to external challenges. Furthermore, making rural areas more attractive reduces the impact of rural-to-urban migration in places where overcrowded urban centers lead to more instability.

Training and access to markets

Agricultural tools create a ripple effect, fostering community-based development and generating economic opportunities. Increased agricultural productivity can lead to surplus crops that can be sold at markets, generating income and stimulating economic growth within the community. With our partners, we not only provide the training necessary to support the development of local farming, but access to markets.

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