Feed a child for a year

Feed a child for a year

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Feed a child for a year



Food insecurity and malnutrition

Your donation directly impacts a kid’s life. It is the first pillar of our assistance program which consists in relieving a family from the negative impact of food insecurity. In some of the countries we serve, malnutrition touches one in five children. It is an impediment to the countries’ social and economic development. Providing food allows children to attend school and secure their own future.

Food Distribution, Honduras, 2019

Haiti, Food Distribution, Accesso

School snacks and micro-enterprise

As part of our education program, we have implemented snack distribution initiatives in multiple countries so children can focus on learning. The program has been developed in partnership with Accesso and provides an outlet for locally grown produce such as peanuts. It feeds into our community-based economic development and micro-enterprise initiatives.

Intergenerational poverty

The food and education programs are key initiatives that are designed to break the poverty cycle in countries where both the poverty rate and political instability are really elevated, as is the case in Haiti, Guatemala, or El Salvador. It allows us to provide a better future for the next generation.

Child Recipient, El Salvador, 2023

3x Match
For the Holidays

Take advantage of a special 3X food match. Every dollar you give before midnight December 31 will be matched to provide $3 worth of lifesaving food up to $1,000,000.

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