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A personal note from Ed Raine, our new President and CEO

I first learned about the work of Food For The Poor (FFTP) on a mission trip to Haiti in 2009. That trip opened my eyes to five important things:

1.What abject poverty really looks like and the scale of the problem of poverty.

2.How important it was for me to act because so many people need our help.

3.There was no need to wait for someone else to act because I realized I could do this; I just needed to know how to best use my talent.

4.My passion to help organizations scale for growth aligned with helping our donors who care so much to help those who are less fortunate.

5.Faith is “fired up” through a spiritual journey when we learn how to really “love thy neighbor.”

My focus is on clear strategic direction, optimizing efficiency, and driving organizational effectiveness. While this may all sound very “corporate,” it is because I intend to bring an increased, disciplined, business mindset to ensure FFTP continues, and builds on, its reputation of being a good steward of the generous gifts from those that care, as deeply as we do, for the poor.

Our strategic goal will be to continue to do everything we can to help the poor lift themselves out of poverty. As an organization, we move along a spectrum of relief to development, with the caveat that after an emergency, people need to be given food, water, medicine and other assistance to survive in the short term. But this relief must either stop or transition to development for the long-term goal of lifting people out of poverty. Our goal will be to help people help themselves, transition out of short term relief into development and implement programs that reflect this.

Consistent with this strategic goal, I intend for us to continue to do the “right things right.” It matters equally “what we do” and “how we do it.” Our newly created Outcomes Department has the responsibility for evaluating all aspects of the organization’s performance including fundraising and program activities in the countries that FFTP helps. We have learned that we must address the long-term elements that answer the question, “Did we make a real impact on the lives of the poor?”

FFTP’s mission is to link the church of the First World with the church of the Developing World in a manner that helps both the materially poor and the poor in spirit. The church has always been at the center of what and why we do it. We will continue to build deep relationships across all denominations giving full meaning to Matthew 25:40 – “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.”

We believe that the spiritual journey of those that support FFTP is deepened through their acts of compassion and generosity toward the poor. We also know that nothing is possible without prayer and the love of others. We give thanks each day for their gifts of love received to benefit people they do not know. We pledge to be faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us, and humbly offer in return an opportunity to transform lives and reflect God’s love. Is there anything else that can give us more real and long lasting “Joy?”

Thank you for your support, as together, we serve the poor who so desperately need our love.

In service of the poor,


ed raine

Ed served previously in executive roles in Operations and Human Resources. His understanding of how to shape company cultures in a global context has enabled organizations to scale for future growth. His clear focus on strategic direction and on efficiency has driven effective outcomes for organizations during periods of significant change.

In addition to his 30 years in the corporate world, Ed served on the Board and as Chairman of the Board for the nonprofit Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA), and as Corporate Sponsor Liaison with Best Buddies International.

Driven by a desire to make a difference in the world, Ed is passionate about helping people who care about what they do to achieve extraordinary things. Ed was born and raised in London. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has a Certification in Organizational Development from Columbia University, as well as a Certification in Fundraising from Boston University.

He lives in South Florida with his wife, Mary, who was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. They have four grown children.

Ed Raine, Food For The Poor President/CEO, visits with Bianca, 23, and her three daughters in their small makeshift house in Guatemala.

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