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“Haiti is on the verge of a Humanitarian disaster.”

Haiti is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe the likes that have not been seen since the 2010 earthquake. Thousands have not been able to work or get food since February 7th, when civil unrest began in the country. Haitian families are now facing extreme scarcity and need lifesaving food, water, medicine, and other vital essentials.

To help, we organized a fleet of trucks, escorted by police, and distributed rice, beans, and clean water to local churches. (see pictures at right) But it’s not enough. The situation is dire.

“People are starving,” said Bishop Oge Beauvoir, Executive Director of Food For The Poor – Haiti. “Families start lacking food and water; hospitals are running out of medical materials and medicines…. Haiti is on the verge of a Humanitarian disaster.”

Concern about violence has caused other agencies to stop delivering aid. Some are leaving, but we are not. We have worked in Haiti for 33 years and can get aid to those in desperate need, but we need your help.

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“To You I pray, O LORD;
at dawn You will hear my cry.”
(Psalm 5:3b-4a)

Workers prepare a truckload of rice from Food For The Poor to go out for distribution.

Food For The Poor staff distribute rice to hungry Haitians. Roadblocks are preventing people from getting food and water, so our staff went out to aid them.

Haitians wait for distribution of emergency supplies.

Food For The Poor staff hand out emergency supplies of food.

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