Your Support Matters

Why an Emergency Relief Fund?

While it is always easier to fund urgent needs post-disaster, we believe that it is crucial to be prepared for future disasters. Natural disasters and other emergencies can strike at any moment, leaving communities devastated and in urgent need of assistance.

At Food For The Poor, we believe in being prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to these crises. Our Emergency Relief Fund is designed to ensure we have the resources ready to provide immediate, lifesaving aid when disaster strikes.

Quick response saves lives

When a disaster occurs, every second counts. Delays in response can result in increased suffering and loss of life. By contributing to our Emergency Relief Fund, you enable us to act immediately, providing critical aid such as food, shelter, medical supplies, and clean water to those in need. Our Disaster Response and Preparedness team works tirelessly to preposition supplies.

A region in peril

In Latin America and the Caribbean, natural disasters are all too common. The region is highly prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other events that can wipe out years of development progress in a matter of hours.

  • • The Caribbean is hit by a major hurricane (Category 3 or above) every two years, on average. In 2017, Category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica and Puerto Rico, causing widespread damage and loss of life.

  • • Central America and the Caribbean are situated in a very seismically active region, experiencing frequent earthquakes. In Haiti, the 2010 earthquake’s toll still echoes – 200,000 lives lost, 1.5 million displaced.
  • • According to a UNICEF report, 190 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean were impacted by disasters between 2000 and 2022, making it the world’s second most disaster-prone region. Disasters have affected three out of ten people in the region.[i]

  • • Small island states in the Caribbean experience the greatest economic impact of storms relative to their economies. According to a recent UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) report, the top ten worst-affected countries or territories, by GDP losses, are all in the Caribbean.[ii]

These disasters not only cause immediate suffering but also erode hard-won development gains, making it harder for communities to recover and leaving families homeless, hungry, and without access to basic necessities.

Haiti: a focus of our efforts

Few countries face greater risks from natural disasters than Haiti, which consistently appears in the top 10 most vulnerable globally. Haiti has also been significantly impacted by humanitarian crises, exacerbating the nation’s struggle for stability and development.

Food For The Poor Haiti is one of the largest relief and development organizations in the country. Our team is equipped to respond rapidly to emergencies, delivering essential aid where it is needed most through FFTP’s vast network of vetted partners, local organizations, and churches. From providing food and shelter to medical supplies and clean water, our presence in Haiti ensures that we can make a significant impact during times of crisis.

Beyond immediate relief: investing in resilience

Our Emergency Relief Fund is not only about immediate response. It also supports our long-term efforts to build resilience in vulnerable communities. By investing in disaster preparedness and mitigation, we can help communities better withstand future shocks and reduce the overall impact of natural disasters. This includes:

  • • Prepositioning essential supplies
  • • Rebuilding and strengthening infrastructure
  • • Empowering local communities through emergency response training
  • • Supporting the Disaster Response and Preparedness team’s efforts

Your support matters

By donating to the Emergency Relief Fund, you are making a direct impact on the lives of those affected by disasters. Your contribution helps us provide immediate relief and supports our ongoing efforts to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen. Donate now before it’s too late.

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