Your gift for housing will be matched


What if I told you that you have the power to save twice as many children from the ravages of hunger?

It’s true!

Thanks to a special $500,000 matching-gift challenge from a generous group of donors, if your gift is received by Easter Sunday, April 4, it will be matched dollar for dollar to feed twice as many malnourished children.

This means your gift will go further to save the lives of more children like James, 3, in Honduras. His mother, Eva, is devastated because she is unable to feed her precious little boy the food he needs, and she finds it difficult to comfort him.

“I get so sad to see how I live, where I live, the lack of food that I don’t know what …,” Eva said, her voice trailing off. “How can I comfort him when I feel like him?”

With your gift this Easter, you can help bring new life and hope to families like Eva’s.

Every dollar you give will be matched to feed even more hungry children. Your gift will go twice as far to save precious lives from starvation. May God bless you.

“The generous will themselves be blessed,
for they share their food with the poor.”
(Proverbs 22:9, NIV)

Eva’s heart breaks whenever she tells her innocent baby boy that “we have no food, and he cries.”

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Choose your gift amount