In Honduras, nine-year-old twin brothers Carlos and Denis walk to school each morning eager to learn, but their stomachs frequently grumble from piercing hunger. They not only have nothing to eat for the day, but they are starving for the chance to pursue a better future. Senaida, their mother, prays for a way to give them nutritious food.

These hungry 9-year-old boys have big dreams for their future. They dream of being nurses to heal sick people and help their parents. They need your prayers and support to achieve their amazing potential.

 “We are low-income people, and we cannot provide them with a good nutrition as it should be,” Senaida said. “But seeing the grades they get and how they get on, we as parents are going to keep on fighting so that they can thrive and be good people in the future.”

You can provide hope in the future for children like Carlos and Denis through a special matching gift for food. With this match, you can provide even more food for hungry children just like these twin boys.

For $3, the cost of an average school lunch in the United States, you can provide 30 meals for starving children in the countries that we help. Now, your gift will go further!

Through a special matching-food grant from a friend of Food For The Poor, you now have the tremendous opportunity to feed more children like Carlos and Denis. Every dollar you give, up to $500,000, will be matched with a dollar’s worth of food, making your gift go even further until Aug. 31, 2022. You can make a difference with your gift today for so many children living in extreme poverty throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Please don’t miss this chance to help.


“But God will never forget the needy;
the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”
(Psalm 9:18, NIV)

In Honduras, twins Carlos and Denis, 9, go hungry, but have so much potential to learn and grow.

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Choose your gift amount