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Your Gift Will Help Haiti Families with Urgent Food Insecurity

In the latest news from Haiti, thousands of families struggling with urgent food insecurity need lifesaving meals.

Food For The Poor’s offices in Haiti have been locked down for several days due to roadblocks and violence. Once our office reopens, FFTP is ready to immediately distribute 10,000 bags of rice – each bag is 100 pounds of rice – through a network of 53 churches in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

As uncertainty grows, Haiti is facing the possible threat of Tropical Storm Fiona, expected to gain strength as it follows its current path toward the Caribbean.  With an already saturated ground, even 2 inches of rain would cause flooding and mudslides in many areas in Haiti.

Your donations for Haiti during this growing and severe food crisis will allow Food For The Poor to purchase additional food for relief kits that could feed an average family of five for up to 10 days.

What problems in Haiti compounded this emergency food crisis?

  • Skyrocketing inflation
  • Fuel price hike
  • Tropical Storm Fiona
  • Rampant gang violence
  • Political instability

According to USAID, many households in Haiti rely on day labor to earn money and more than 2.5 million people make less than US$1.12 a day.

So when the news from Haiti broke that the proposed fuel price for gasoline would reach nearly US$4.83 a gallon, people were devastated. It will take most workers four days of labor to earn enough to buy one gallon of gas — provided they can find work.

Without access to fuel many people cannot work and without work they cannot feed their families.

Haiti has no safety net for its citizens. These displaced families need YOU.

In the news from Haiti today, the entire country is currently locked down and immobile due to impassable roadblocks.

The moment our Haiti office can mobilize, we will be ready to help people in need who are waiting on us.

Haiti depends on our persistence and resilience, and we know that God is on our side in the middle of all this chaos.

Because of friends and donors like you FFTP persists in providing aid to families in Haiti who are desperate for help. We can’t let them down.

37 Years Strong in Haiti

For 37 years, FFTP, the largest nongovernmental organization working in Haiti, stays strong in the face of earthquakes, hurricanes, the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest.

Without you, FFTP could not maintain its steady and thriving support of this Caribbean nation of 11 million people.

“We are well-positioned to carry out the wishes of our generous donors who continue to reach out to the people of Haiti, FFTP’s President/CEO Ed Raine said. No one wants to leave their country. We know we need to do whatever we can to help Haiti so that families can have a good life there.”

World Food Programme reports that 4.5 million people across Haiti do not have enough to eat.

Your Support Makes a Huge Difference to Help Haiti

Three critical actions ready to deploy through FFTP to help Haiti include:

  • Distributing 10,000 bags of rice – each bag contains 100 pounds of rice – through a network of 53 churches in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.
  • Fixing the water and propane systems at Port-au-Prince’s main prison at the urgent request of the Haitian government and continuing to provide rice and beans to feed prisoners through the end of the year. The prison has been unable to provide hot meals on a regular basis because of equipment problems.
  • Providing food purchased locally in Haiti to fill food relief kits to feed desperately hungry families internally displaced by gang violence.

Give today to provide food for desperate families and children internally displaced by gang violence with no one to help them.

Please continue praying for Haiti.

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