Crying from Hunger

Hunger hurts. For 3-year-old Evelyn, hunger was a pain that never went away. Like many impoverished families in Guatemala, her parents couldn’t find enough work to feed Evelyn and her siblings. Her father, Melvin, worked a small plot of land and searched for farming jobs to put food on the table, but when he found work, it amounted to only $5 in wages. Evelyn grew dangerously malnourished.

Crying From Hunger

The only food Maribel, her mother, could purchase with the meager funds was rice. Malnutrition made Evelyn susceptible to illness. Often, she would fall ill for three days, get better, and then another bout of sickness would come along. She cried a lot when she was hungry.

At one point, Evelyn was so weak she couldn’t even stand up.

“I try to look for her because she’s the little one and it worries me,” Maribel said. “I want to see her grow.”

Thanks to You, Evelyn Is Better

Because of you and other caring friends who have compassion for hungry families, children like Evelyn are doing much better. Evelyn went to a nutrition center and gained weight. Her height and weight reached the normal range for a child her age and she was no longer malnourished.

The eggs and other nutritious food provided consistently helped to make Evelyn stronger. Her immune system was finally able to fight off illnesses. The Need Continues

The need to transform families living in extreme poverty is ongoing. Please give generously today and thank you for helping vulnerable families build a healthy future for generations to come.

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