Fighting Gender Bias With a Home

One Mother’s Home Sweet Home

Did you know that when a family receives a donor-funded Food For The Poor home the deed is placed in the matriarch’s name?

You read that correctly.

When you give toward building a home with FFTP, the female head of household is legally given the deed to the home and the land it sits on.

Women are vulnerable

In many countries, women are especially vulnerable to losing their homes because gender-biased laws prevent women from owning property.

Securing their home and land rights allows women to give their families long-lasting freedom and stability for generations. For Shorna-Kay, a young mother in Jamaica, a new home saved her family.

A harsh home structure

Before FFTP donors and friends came along, Shorna-Kay lived in a tiny, dilapidated home in Jamaica with barely a foundation and gaping holes in the rotted wood floors.

Shorna-Kay’s 3-year-old son, Daniel, had once fallen through a hole in the floor and cut his leg. The house was a hazard without a bathroom, running water or electricity. This was no place to raise a small child.

Happy to be home

Thanks to kind friends like you who support FFTP, Shorna-Kay is now raising her three children in a safe, furnished and beautiful FFTP home.

Each FFTP home is built with sanitation, a water component, a ventilated cooking area, a sink, furnishings and lighting. 

Thank you for your gifts to build homes for mothers like Shorna-Kay.

You are impacting generations of women and children.

The work continues because more women and children are waiting to be lifted out of their vulnerable living situations and into solid homes.

Give a gift toward building a home today and solidify a future tomorrow for more mothers who need your help.

Help families like Shorna-Kay’s

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