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Huddled together in a flimsy shack, Maria did her best to keep her young children safe during heavy rains and bitterly cold nights.

Many families experiencing extreme poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America like Maria’s live without a proper home and go hungry. Jobs are scarce and low-paying at best. All it takes is one natural disaster to plunge a family on the edge into a desperate future.

Standing Firm in Faith

For Maria’s family, who lived in a shack pieced together from scraps of wood and plastic tarps, life focused only on survival. But Maria’s faith in the Lord kept her from giving up.

Children Learn to Live with Hunger

Without steady work, any money Maria scraped together she spent on food. There was nothing left for home building or repairs. Unless a neighbor could spare a tortilla or a bit of rice and beans, the entire family went to bed hungry when Maria had nothing to feed them that day.

Maria’s children learned to ease their hunger without food, except for 4-year-old Jose. Too young to understand hunger, there were days he sobbed uncontrollably with an empty stomach. Maria’s heart broke every time.

Transformed by your Love

Because of you and other caring friends like you who sacrifice and answer the Lord’s call to love your neighbors, families like Maria’s receive the opportunity to give their children a healthy and sustainable future.

Maria is now living fearlessly in a secure home with access to food. “I thank God. Now, I feel happy, I have peace of mind safe in my house, Maria said, “I thank God and you, who helped us so that we could live in peace.”

The Need Continues

The need to transform families living in extreme poverty is ongoing. Please give generously from your means today and thank you for making it possible to help vulnerable families build a healthy future for generations to come.

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