The Caribbean island of Dominica continues to rebuild after Hurricane Maria made landfall as a powerful Category 5 with winds more than 155 mph on Sept. 18, 2017. The massive hurricane caused catastrophic damage island-wide. More than three years after the storm, as life on the island returns to normal, Food For The Poor is committed to helping families in need in Dominica.

Twenty-nine percent of all Dominicans live in poverty. Unemployment is high, and the country’s economy is extremely reliant upon tourism.

How We Help

In 2021, FFTP shipped one tractor-trailer load of essential items to families in need in Dominica.

In response to Hurricane Maria, FFTP shipped 94 tractor-trailer loads of the following items:

  • Nonperishable food
  • Two-burner liquid petroleum gas (propane) stoves
  • Commercial-grade and standby generators
  • Five-gallon buckets with cleaning supplies
  • Rebuilding supplies, such as lumber, nails, zinc panels and tools

Learn more about our projects in Dominica.

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