Investing in Schools

Investing in Schools

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Why invest in School Infrastructure?

In Guatemala, the lack of school infrastructure is a critical concern. A 2018 World Bank report revealed more than half of Guatemala's schools don’t offer the bare necessities such as safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities. Furthermore, overcrowded classrooms and a lack of essential resources such as textbooks and desks are commonplace, especially in rural areas.

Why invest in School Infrastructure?

Long-lasting Impact on Poverty Relief

Investing in school infrastructure is an important step that solidifies our poverty relief programs so they can have a long-lasting impact. Giving children access to education allows the next generation to develop the skill sets they will need to be employable or entrepreneurial in the future, reducing the risk of falling into poverty again.

School Infrastructure and Prosperity

Research shows that investing in school infrastructure creates a ripple effect in the local economy:

  • Every additional year of schooling increases a person's earnings by an average of 10%.
  • Students in schools with an adequate learning environment and resources are more likely to perform well
  • There is a consensus among researchers that those findings are consistent across many different studies
School Infrastructure and Prosperity


Los Anonos Village is a small community outside Palencia. It’s home to approximately 250 families—or 1,250 people—with limited resources. Eighty percent of the residents work in agriculture and have meager incomes. The village school was built in 1942 to teach elementary education. Currently, 121 children are taught here by five teachers who share classrooms. The school buildings were in poor condition. There was no kitchen, which made meal times difficult. While the teachers prioritized the students' safety, the children were still vulnerable, as no perimeter wall or main gate existed. Additionally, the toilets did not allow adequate privacy for children—the doors had holes, which the children covered with their hands.

The Project Goal

Build a school addition and make necessary repairs for teachers and students in the Los Anonos Village, Guatemala.

Project Plan

We divided the work into Annex 1 and Annex 2. Both spaces had several infrastructure needs that needed addressing.

In Annex 1, rainwater frequently flooded the playground, so it was necessary to recondition the drainage system. The classrooms were also without windows and balconies that guarantee the safety of the materials and furniture within the school.

In Annex 2, the sheet-metal roof was leaking, and, as a result, during the rainy season, some areas of the school flooded, and classes were canceled. This area also struggled to access water from its tank, which needed repair. Additionally, there was overcrowding.

The Project Impacts

Improved learning environment: The new classrooms and playground provide students with a safe and comfortable place to learn. The kitchen improvements have also led to better nutrition for students, which can improve their focus and concentration in school.

Enhanced educational opportunities: The expanded school facilities allow students to access more educational resources and activities. This can lead to better academic performance and increased learning opportunities.

Better health and hygiene: The repairs and additions to the school's infrastructure have improved sanitation facilities, clean water sources, and proper waste management. This has contributed to better health and hygiene among students, reducing the risk of illnesses.


  • school supplies for a child
    School supplies for a child
  • A school desk and a chair
    A school desk and a chair
  • A computer workstation
    A computer workstation


I have dedicated the past nine years to teaching and leading at Los Anonos Palencia Community School. Throughout my tenure, I’ve witnessed the challenges and trials the school has faced, including persistent rainwater leaks, deteriorating restroom facilities, and the absence of a suitable play area. I also recognized the urgent need for an additional classroom.

Completing the new school addition and the essential repairs marks a turning point for our institution. I am pleased that this transformative project will greatly enhance the teaching and learning experiences here.

Through your kindness, you built structures and laid the foundation for a brighter future for the children of Los Anonos Palencia Community School. Your support empowers our school to provide an improved educational experience that will have a lasting impact on students, their families, and the entire community.

I am grateful for your support, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact that this project will have.

Edgar Lopez, 35, Los Anonos Palencia Community School


Annex 1

  • Constructed new classrooms
  • Constructed a new playground in the courtyard
  • Built block rows of the perimeter wall
  • kitchen update and refurbishment

Annex 2

  • Constructed the perimeter wall
  • Completed the remodeling of restrooms
  • Repaired the electrical system
  • Door update and refurbishment