Parents' Health

Parents' Health

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Keeping Parents Healthy Help Reduce Poverty

Due to the lack of infrastructure, including hospitals and urgent care services, only one out of two Guatemalans has access to essential healthcare services. The problem disproportionately affects rural communities due to geographical remoteness. Health issues often affect the parents' ability to generate income for their family and worsen their situation.

Keeping Parents Healthy Help Reduce Poverty

Preventing Unnecessary Suffering and Deaths

Our Health programs ensure that individuals can access treatments for common illnesses, chronic conditions, and preventable diseases while avoiding complications. FFTP also works to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis. Our goal is to increase access to health care to prevent unnecessary suffering and deaths.

Increasing Access to Care Through the Juan Pablo Hospital and THE BLESSED VIRGIN OF THE ROSARY CLINICS

To improve the Health care infrastructure in Guatemala, we partner with the Guatemalan Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, the Order of Malta - a lay religious order of the Catholic Church since 1113, neutral, impartial, and apolitical, dedicated to the preservation of human dignity and the care of those in need, as well as Caritas another charitable, apolitical and non-profit foundation, consisting of 14 dioceses across the country. Together, we work to increase access to health services to reduce unnecessary deaths and suffering. We are involved in community health initiatives, training patient advocates, and forming groups to foster awareness and prevention. Through our partnerships, we can address various health challenges, including acute conditions like bronchitis, chronic diseases such as diabetes, infectious and waterborne illnesses such as rotavirus, and non-communicable diseases such as cancer.

Logistics and Infrastructure

  • Hospital: The Juan Pablo II Hospital has a team of 300 dedicated professionals
  • Eight mobile clinics receive an average of 350 daily visits
  • Health services provided at the Order of Malta physical locations
  • Community Health: Building and expansion of a dedicated team of professionals—including doctors, nurses, and a social worker who carry out community initiatives
  • In 2022, the hospital received approximately $6.02 million, and community health received around $90,000

Medical Services We Provide

  • General medical consultation
  • Prenatal control for expectant mothers
  • Control of chronic conditions like arterial hypertension and diabetes
  • Medical consultation at home for preventive care
  • Medication distribution, including disaster relief logistics
  • Medical Training of health care professionals


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Julia is a young mother who, like many other parents in Guatemala, also cares for her elders while raising her own children. Her mom, Alberta had been suffering from the onset of the Parkinson's disease for many years. When it progressed to the last stage, it was a sad news for the family, who witnessed the debilitating progression of the disease without being able to alleviate Alberta’s immense pain and suffering.

The last stage of the disease made it impossible for Alberta to stand or walk. She was bedridden and needed around-the-clock care for all activities. Speech was reduced, and she couldn’t swallow food anymore. Her Parkinson's had become life threatening.

Through the Order of Malta's support for low-income patients program at the Church of Santo Domingo, Alberta was able to see a doctor who prescribed some medications to help manage the pain. The foundation also provided her with a wheelchair, which made caring for her much easier. As a result, she is now able to eat food at the table with rest of family. While her situation remains difficult, we were able to make a significant difference in her family's life.

Doña Alberta, Antigua