3 pigs for a family

3 pigs for a family

Donate 3 pigs for a family

3 pigs for a family



Three piglets for a family

The gift of three piglets brings the promise of a better future to vulnerable families. These animals provide more than just a source of nutritious protein—they also offer a pathway to sustainable livelihoods and economic independence. By providing piglets, we equip families with the means to become pig farmers, transforming their lives.

Pig Recipient Jamaica, 2013

Haiti, pig donation recipient

Economic and food opportunity

Pigs provide a rich protein source and allow families to earn an independent income. With their ability to thrive in small spaces, pig farming suits families residing in compact homes or apartments. This gift enables families to start pig farming, allowing them to produce their own food and generate income by selling piglets or pork products.

Breaking the poverty cycle

Our Food Assistance program does more than just provide food. We create economic opportunities in countries that have limited resources. Simple ideas such as gifting pigs stimulate the local economy. Pig recipients raise pigs for themselves and their villages, as well as to support our gift program and food partners.

Pig Donation Recipient Family,Jamaica, 2015

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You can help us alleviate poverty for the next generation by starting a fundraiser campaign. Click the link below to learn how you can build a micro site and invite your friends to donate.

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