1,000 pounds of rice and beans

1,000 pounds of rice and beans

Donate 1,000 pounds of rice and beans

1,000 pounds of rice and beans



The pressure of food insecurity

Your donation of 1,000 pounds of rice and beans helps fund our food assistance programs while fighting the negative impact of food insecurity on impoverished communities. Your gift goes directly to a family in need. It provides a reprieve from participating in unsafe detrimental activities such as rummaging in trash dumps.

developing computer literacy skills to break out of poverty

Honduras 2019, Rice and Beans Donation Recipient

A staple food to fight hunger

Rice and beans are staple foods in many countries we serve. The grain and legume combination provides several essential nutrients. For example, a serving contains 279 calories, 7.2 grams of fat, 11 grams of protein, and 43 grams of carbohydrates. Every year we provide over 80 million meals to families in need.

Intergenerational poverty

Our assistance programs encompass various areas, including education, clean water, health, and micro-enterprise, with food assistance being one of the key pillars. Gifts that fund our food assistance program help rebuild impoverished communities and place them on a sustainable path. They are based on simple cost-effective ideas that make a difference on the ground thanks to our donors and partners.

Recipient Family, El Salvador, 2021

3x Match
For the Holidays

Take advantage of a special 3X food match. Every dollar you give before midnight December 31 will be matched to provide $3 worth of lifesaving food up to $1,000,000.

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