A two-burner propane stove

A two-burner propane stove

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A two-burner propane stove



In many regions of the Caribbean and Latin America, the overreliance on firewood for cooking has resulted in widespread environmental degradation.

Safe and efficient cooking

A two-burner propane stove offers a clean and sustainable cooking solution that reduces indoor air pollution and preserves precious trees from being cut down for firewood. This practical and eco-friendly solution empowers families to cook safely and efficiently while actively preserving their environment for future generations.

FFTP 2 burner stove propane gift

2015, Honduras, Child suffering from Malnutrition

Hope and convenience

The two-burner propane provides a safe, reliable, and efficient cooking alternative that improves the lives of individuals and their households. The convenience of a propane stove also saves time and energy, allowing families to focus on other essential tasks and activities rather than collecting firewood.

Your contribution matters

Your contribution of a 2-burner propane stove is an act of environmental stewardship and a commitment to sustainable living. This gift plays a crucial role in preserving the environment and mitigating deforestation by reducing reliance on firewood. It empowers families to positively impact their surroundings while embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

2020, Cite Soleil, displaced Haitian boy enjoying a warm meal, 2020

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