Each year, the Food For The Poor Radio Team connects millions of radio and podcast listeners to stories of their impoverished neighbors in Latin America and the Caribbean to help prevent malnutrition. Work with Christian contemporary music, as well as, Christian teach & talk formats have aligned with the mission and vision of Food For The Poor. Also, local and nationally syndicated talk show hosts have been instrumental in the success of providing hope to children and families through the partnership with millions of their listeners, like you! Every day, generous donors like you respond to the needs of our vulnerable brothers and sisters by giving transformative gifts to help prevent malnutrition and illness and provide food, water and emergency aid. 

As Heard on the Radio: Stories of Hope

Miles From Relief

with Paul Jacobs 

Maria Erlinda walks an hour both ways to collect a bucket of water for her family’s needs. This daily weight breaks down her body and her spirit.

A Cup of Water

with Anitra Parmele

For so many of us, we are always within an arm’s reach of water. For the families we serve, even access to dirty water is a long and dangerous journey. 

Campaigning to Bring in Hope

Listen as the radio storytellers of Food For The Poor and your favorite radio show hosts invite you to hear firsthand accounts of how the extraordinary interrupts the ordinary. Listen live to the stories of families whose lives you can impact right now with your generous gift by providing tangible reminders of God’s love, mercy and provision. Your loving generosity makes Food For The Poor the best charity for delivering hope to those waiting in faith. 

Meet Our Radio Storytellers

Paul Jacobs

As I looked over the shoulder of the – maybe mid-60s – gentleman upon approach of the airport in Port-au-Prince, he sat in the widow seat and shook his head silently. I couldn’t imagine what I was about to experience in just a few minutes as we touched-down in the Haitian capital. He looked sad but not overwhelmed.

Anitra Parmele

As the private plane dipped again and again to give me a closer view of the devastation Hurricane Dorian had brought to Grand Bahamas and the Abaco Islands, my heart was full. Sorrow at the thought of so many people completely cut off from access to food, water and medical treatment, mingled with hope as I was there to gather stories to share on-air to inspire gifts of emergency hurricane relief.

Daniel Patino

From my childhood dreams to my passion for radio and my involvement with the Food For the Poor mission. Growing up in a close-knit Hispanic family showed me how to embrace the Latin American culture, its regions, and its people. Ever since I can remember, the world of radio has held a special place in my heart. My fascination with radio and the power of spoken words began at the age of 7.

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Our Donors: The Impact of Giving!

We share on stations across the country and you respond with generosity. Because of radio listeners like you, Food For The Poor distributed millions of nutritious meals, built thousands of homes, provided millions of dollars in hurricane and earthquake relief, and completed dozens of water projects across 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Your comments remind us that the joy and gratitude of answered prayers are not just felt in the hearts of the recipients but also in the hearts of those who give.