Sample Itinerary – Guatemala

Available Dates:
October 16-20, 2023 – Trip is Full
July 15-19, 2024


  • Meet up with the mission group at the Miami airport
  • Travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala together​


  • Breakfast​
  • Spend time at a home for children with disabilities​
  • Meet families in need​
  • Lunch​
  • Visit an Angels Of Hope children’s home​
  • Dinner and reflection​


  • Breakfast​
  • Paint 2 new Food For The Poor houses and present keys to the families
  • Lunch​
  • Fun activities at an educational center​
  • Dinner and reflection​


  • Breakfast​
  • Arts and craft activity at a women’s vocational center​
  • Serve lunch at a homeless shelter​
  • Lunch​
  • Free time in the historical city of Antigua​
  • Dinner and reflection​


  • Check out and depart hotel​
  • Depart Guatemala City (breakfast at the airport, morning flight to Miami)​
  • Catch connecting flights home (from Miami)​

(Itinerary Subject to Change)

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