Please save starving children!

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Future

Sephora is only 17 months old, but her short life has been one of struggle. She is malnourished, and her little body is in dire need of nourishment. But there is little food to eat and what morsels her grandmother, Claudette, can find are not enough to calm the hunger.

Children like Sephora need proper nutrition to grow up healthy. Living in destitute poverty means the future is uncertain, especially in Haiti, where conditions grow more desperate each day and the need for depleting resources continues to rise.

You can make a difference with your loving gift of lifesaving food, giving Sephora and children like her a fighting chance at a healthy future.

Your loving kindness is a perfect example of God’s hand at work. When you selflessly step in to help save children like Sephora from the effects of malnutrition, you also give them the priceless gift of hope for a healthy, vibrant future.

Please help share Christ’s love and ease the suffering of hungry children like Sephora today.


“In the same way your Father in heaven is
not willing that any of these little ones should perish.”
(Matthew 18:14, NIV)

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