The most populous country in Central America, Guatemala is home to more than 17 million people. An estimated 59.3 percent of all Guatemalans live in poverty.

A sad result of this widespread poverty is that Guatemala has one of the highest rates of chronic child malnutrition in the world.

Less than half of all rural Guatemalans have access to running water, only a quarter have access to electricity, and only about one in 10 have access to modern sanitation facilities. Guatemala’s severe food insecurity and lack of accessible, affordable medical care has led to high infant, child and maternal mortality rates.

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  • In 2021, Food For The Poor shipped 473 tractor-trailer loads of essential items to Guatemala,
  • In 2021, the charity shipped 473 tractor-trailer loads of essential items to Guatemala.
  • FFTP donors work through 21 Angels Of Hope children’s homes in Guatemala.
  • There are 40 active projects in Guatemala including four feeding programs, one recovery center, one sustainable community development project, four animal husbandry projects, four housing projects, and two educational projects.

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