Help Provide Materials for Minor Home Repairs

Help Provide Materials for Minor Home Repairs

Donate Materials For Minor Home Repairs

Help Provide Materials for Minor Home Repairs



Keeping up their home can be a vexing challenge for struggling families unable to afford even basic life essentials. A gift to fund materials such as lumber, plywood, and tile can help a family with minor home repairs.

Safety and Security

Home repairs can significantly improve the safety and security of a family’s living environment. By fixing damaged walls, floors, or roofs, the risk of accidents such as falls or structural collapses can be prevented. This is particularly crucial for families with children or elderly members who may be more vulnerable to such hazards.

Health Improvement

A well-maintained home contributes to better health outcomes for its residents. Repairing leaks or cracks can prevent water damage and mold growth, which are known contributors to respiratory issues like asthma. Additionally, addressing structural issues can help maintain proper sanitation and hygiene within the household, reducing the risk of illnesses caused by unsanitary conditions.

Economic Stability

Home repairs can provide long-term economic stability for the family. A structurally sound and well-maintained home not only increases the property value but also reduces the need for frequent and costly repairs in the future. This frees up financial resources that the family can allocate toward other essential needs such as education, health care, or food.

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Haiti Needs Urgent Assistance

In recent days, a surge of violence in Haiti has forced at least 360,000 people out of their homes. Food For The Poor’s distribution centers need more resources to serve the 4 million people who are now facing acute food insecurity. Help us restock and ship more containers to respond to the immediate crisis and prepare the recovery efforts to help internally displaced families return home.

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