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In places where poverty and other challenging circumstances are prevalent, providing impoverished kids with the opportunity to play soccer offers a wide range of physical, emotional, and developmental benefits.

Igniting Joy

Like children everywhere, the kids in our children’s homes yearn for moments of pure joy, laughter, and playful camaraderie. Soccer, the universal language of youth, holds a special place in their hearts, and a soccer ball can ignite the spirit of play. It provides an outlet for their energy and creativity, empowering vulnerable children to run, kick, and score their way to happiness.

2017 Soccer Ball Gift Recipient

2019, Guatemala, Soccer Ball Gift Recipient

Unleashing Potential

A soccer ball has the power to create lasting memories, forge friendships. Whether they dream of becoming professional athletes or seek moments of respite from life’s challenges, your gift unlocks their potential. With a simple soccer ball, children learn teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. They develop social skills, build confidence, and gain a sense of belonging.

Kicking Off Dreams

Your gift of a soccer ball will allow vulnerable children to experience the simple joys of childhood while instilling a sense of hope and possibility. With every kick, these children learn to overcome obstacles, set goals, and believe in themselves. By supporting children’s play, you empower them to dream big, and find happiness, while contributing to their physical well-being and development.

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