For International Women’s day we are celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Gifts made to International Women’s day will go to construct a bakery in San Fernando, Honduras to support 16 women and their families. These women currently bake goods in an old clay oven, which produces soot and waves of smoke. These unhealthy conditions have even caused respiratory problems in some of the women. Please donate today.

Help us celebrate these courageous women!

Junick ― Haiti

“Yesterday there was a lot of rain… and yesterday, I sheltered a lot of people in my house. These are people who used to shelter me, but now that I have a house, I shelter them.”

Janella ― Guyana

“Sometimes, I carry her.”

Extreme poverty forces children like Janella to grow up too fast. Her mother is terminally ill, so Janella helps any way she can. In Guyana, the two share a crumbling shack.

Sister Edna ― Guatemala

“The more you give of yourself, the more you can give to the poor.”

Sister Edna has dedicated her life to serving starving children through her nutritional center in Guatemala, which has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition in the world.

Janella ― Guyana

“I am committed to the poor of my country first of all because God has given me so much that I think I owe it to Him.”

Linda Coello, president of the CEPUDO Foundation, provides keen oversight for all Food For The Poor projects in Honduras.

Maria ― Honduras

“I have hope. Even if I have to go slowly, I have to keep going.”

Maria’s daughter tragically committed suicide leaving Maria to care for her granddaughter, Karla, alone. But Maria is staying positive and working hard selling tortillas to provide a better life for Karla.

Jessica ― Honduras

“When I ask something to God, I get an answer from Him. I ask Him to take care of my mother and father, to be safe. Every day, I ask God.”

At just 9 years old, Jessica displays incredible faith. She keeps her mother strong despite the depth of her family’s poverty in Honduras.

Miss Easy ― Jamaica

“Almost every Sunday I will go to church. I carry him on my back… I really don’t want to leave him alone here.”

Since her husband was killed, Miss Easy has struggled raising her sons, especially her disabled teenager, Clinton.

Watch video, “Life is Hard for Ms. Easy”

Fernanda ― Nicaragua

“I am thankful for everything: clothes, shoes, food, to be taken care of, to have friends. Here, I receive love.”

Fernanda, 12, never knew that home could be a loving, nurturing place. Before coming to an Angels Of Hope-sponsored orphanage, Fernanda’s mother frequently left her and her brother alone with no food to eat. Fernanda is now safe and nurtured. She draws and paints and attends school.

Sister Dolores ― El Salvador

“I wish things could be better, and like anything, things can always be better.”

Sister Dolores, 86, is a Carmelite nun and director of the Clinica el Carmelo hospital which offers free and affordable healthcare to more than 100 patients daily. A vocational school on the hospital grounds helps young women learn to become pastry chefs and cosmetologists.

Mirlande ― Haiti

“Thank you for helping me,” Mirlande wrote in a letter to Food For The Poor. “Without you, I may not be where I am.”

At the tender age of eight, Mirlande was abandoned by her mother and sent to live in an Angels Of Hope orphanage in Haiti. Today, she is studying agronomy in a bachelor’s degree program in Costa Rica, and aspires to use her expertise to combat hunger in Haiti.

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