Facts About Our Work in Guyana

Food For The Poor (FFTP) began working in Guyana in 1991, delivering food and other basic items. Since then, the Florida-based nonprofit has expanded its services to meet the growing needs of the country’s impoverished residents. FFTP-Guyana is now the leading organization in the South American country providing aid from its distribution center in Georgetown.

For the 2021 year, FFTP has built 20 homes in Guyana. FFTP has helped build a playground in Prospect village for the inhabitants that reside this area, which is approximately 300 persons. Prior to the construction of the playground, FFTP helped build 20 homes in the same village.

In response to the floods that occurred in June, which affected approximately 29,000 households, FFTP US, in collaboration with FFTP Canada, delivered 48 boxes of purification tablets with each box containing 10,000 tablets. In addition to the tablets, FFTP US also shipped 1200 mosquito nets and 1000 5.3-gallon collapsible bags to affected families.

FFTP is also supporting the Grace Ministries team in region 1 with vehicles, boats, construction of several buildings, and assistance in developing social programs that will help guide vulnerable indigenous people within the Region.

FFTP works with nine children’s homes in Guyana as part of the Angels Of Hope program. Through the AOH program, 207 vulnerable children have shelter and are receiving an education.

Also, more than 550 wheelchairs have been distributed to the physically challenged across the country. Distribution was conducted by FFTP, the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, the Palms, Saint Francis Developers, Linden Hospital Complex, and the Suddie Hospital in Essequibo.

From a overall viewpoint of the country, Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America with the World Bank stating that 43.4% of the population living on less than US$ 5.50 per person a day.

Prison Ministry

The charity’s Prison Ministry Program was established in 1998 and has assisted in freeing and reintegrating nonviolent prisoners to their communities as productive citizens twice a year, during the Easter and Christmas seasons. For Easter 2021, FFTP paid the fines of five nonviolent prisoners. For Christmas 2021, FTTP paid the fines for two nonviolent prisoners.

The population is approximately 782,766 residents. The language is English, and Protestantism is the largest religion. The currency is the Guyanese dollar and the GDP per capita is $6,609.

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