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Mission Trip Testimonials

The variety of sites visited was wonderful! I saw that parents everywhere want to provide for their children…the beauty of this trip was to know the answer to ‘who is my neighbor?’ I feel really connected to all I met.”

∼Norma N. (Citrus Heights, CA)

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but FFP continues doing it and I’ll continue to support FFP in every way I can.”

∼Paul J. (Indianapolis, IN)

The experience has made me more grateful for what I have and increased my desire to do more for the needy.”

∼Georgia V. (Corning, NY)

The poor have an amazing spirit and faith. Those of us that have so much more in material objects can learn a lot from the poor.”

∼Sofi G. (Burnsville, MN)

I find it difficult to put into words of what a great experience with a diverse group who enjoyed each other all on different paths, all concerned, all prayerful.”

∼Dcn. Ron K. (Millstadt, IL)

Knowing the fact that we can’t fix poverty in one week, at least us visiting the poor gives them hope that we have not forgotten them.”

∼Elesha S. (Austin, TX)

At a place where you think things cannot get any worse…you see something remarkable. You see the pride in the adults’ faces as they open their homes to us as we visit. And for that short moment, you don’t notice the dirt floors or the darkness at mid-day because of the lack of electricity. You notice the love, strength and hope that all of these individuals have.”

∼Jennifer J. (Greensboro, NC)

I could be in similar circumstances at any time. Every person is loved by God and as a child of God deserves our respect. My family is a whole lot bigger!”

∼Mary G. (Laramie, WY)

This mission trip has taught me the utmost humility. Not realizing how fortunate I was until I experienced firsthand the extreme poverty these people are living in. Here I get a chance to see…people moved out of suffering and desperation to a new place of hope and dignity. The transformations were very impressive.”

∼Michael M. (Rockford, IL)

What a fabulous trip! All the visits brought me to Christ. He lives in each one of us healthy or disabled, rich or poor. FFP takes great care of it’s missionaries and the poor we visited.”

∼Cathy W. (St. Augustine, FL)

It has created an insatiable hunger to help people not only in Third World countries, but also at home.”

∼Heather V. (St. Augustine, FL)

The leadership and staff at FFP are passionate about what they do. While it is not easy, they continue making progress one day and one family at a time. This was truly a remarkable and life-changing experience.”

∼Pamela P. (Painted Post, NY)

Our experiences have been so powerful and transformative in large part because of our guides knowledge, direction and sensitivity to our needs.”

∼Dcn. Bryan O. (St. Augustine, FL)

The sites validated the presence of hope and joy in the lives of those served and in those serving. Those of Matthew 25 who we serve encounter the risen Christ in remarkable and attentive ways.”

∼Rev. Ralph M. (Villanova, PA)

This mission trip was so much more than I expected. Very much hands-on and doing so much to allow us to emotionally connect to the folks being helped.”

∼Kelly E. (Spring, TX)

All four trips I have taken have been food for thought, prayer and action. Being there changes everything — especially our hearts.”

Rev. Greg J. (Chicago, IL)

When I saw these people filled with joy with the little they have, I realized that they have the strongest thing of all — faith in Jesus. Because of them, my life is forever changed!”

Tara M. (New Hope, PA)

I would describe the trip as a cold bath that wakes you up and shows you the true meaning of life. It teaches you the ultimate action, which is service to others.”

Jean N. (Orlando, FL)

I saw first hand how much we can make a difference in the lives of the poor. Even one church can do so much to alleviate suffering and give hope. We can all make a difference in at least one life. Seeing things firsthand gives a great perspective, both on the plight of the poor, and the incredible scope of outreach of Food For The Poor to those in such great need.”

Bonnie D. (Winchester, VA)

The trip in person is a totally different experience emotionally, intellectually and spiritually than reading statistics in a book or seeing pictures. Nothing reaches you as much as hands-on experience. I do not know how you can make this trip and not have a paradigm shift in what you feel you are created for, and what your priorities will be in the future.”

Rev. Martin D. (Boca Raton, FL)

This trip is the most meaningful and impactful three days of my life. I have done a number of things, gone a number of places, and seen pretty cool stuff, but nothing compares to the three days I spent in Jamaica. Thank you for this opportunity.”

David J. (Wichita, KS)

Everyone needs to see how the poor in third world countries live. If you get a chance to go on a mission trip — GO! Again, God bless Food For The Poor in all that they do.”

Deacon Bob D. (Channahon, IL)

The trip again was truly wonderful and unforgettable. You all are doing a wonderful job. God is doing some wonderful work — the staff is wonderful and work so hard for the poor. I hope to see you all again next year. I am always praying for your organization.”

Christina B. (Ft. Wayne, IN)

The trip exceeded my expectations in that not only did we encounter poor people, but I felt connected to them and enriched by them. It is a very valuable, worthwhile experience. It reinforces the realization that we are all connected in our world — at home and abroad. There but for the grace of God goes I.”

Bob U. (Orland, ME)

I thought the sites that we visited were perfect for showing us FFP’s efforts to serve Christ. I was able to see Christ not only in the people that lived there, but in the other members of my group reaching out to them. I am forever changed because of this experience.”

Brian S. (Lawrence, KS)

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This was an amazing, life changing journey, as each trip makes me a better human being. I thank God each day for blessing me to be able to participate in Missionary journeys, because I am blessed each time I endeavor to help others.

― Georgia V/ New York

This trip was one of the most special weeks of my life, and it changed me. I’m not the same person after my Journey of Hope and I plan to continue to support FFP, and God will lead the way in where we go from here.

― John G / Colorado

This was the best mission trip we have been on. The people of Haiti are a beautiful people, full of hope and faith. They are desperately poor, but know their God. They are the face of Jesus among us.

― Cindy H / Colorado

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