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Our home assistance program is essential for impoverished families as it offers targeted support to address specific challenges such as living in unsafe housing, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases, providing a space for children to learn, and improving resilience to disasters. To improve the odds of a successful outcome for the current and the next generation, Food For The Poor also provides the parents with the resources they need to engage in income-generating activities such as small-scale farming, handicrafts, or micro-enterprises. Our program is deeply rooted in community based development, and prioritizes sustainable solutions.

A cost effective program

Food For The Poor aims at alleviating extreme poverty for both the current and next generation. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the importance of providing a secure home to get families out of the poverty cycle. Using efficient construction methods, we build homes with sanitation, water facilities, for a cost that totals less than $10,000 per home.

Columbia, 2019, impoverished community

Dominican 2019 unsafe housing

Maximizing impact through donor matching

Your gift of $4,900 toward the construction of a home will be matched by another generous donor, thereby doubling the impact of your generosity and enabling us to fulfill the dream of a safe and secure home for a family in need.

Strengthening local communities

In 2022 alone, our home assistance program successfully built 1,553 homes, positively impacting the lives of numerous families. We are committed to continuous improvement and are constantly refining our program to enhance its performance. It has strengthened many communities in remote places where no one thought it was possible.

Emanuel Village, Haiti, 2022

Home Assistance Pogram Derac Haiti, 2022

Home Assistance Program, Columbia, 2022

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You can help us alleviate poverty for the next generation by starting a fundraiser campaign. Click the link below to learn how you can build a micro site and invite your friends to donate.

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