A donkey for transportation

A donkey for transportation

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A donkey for transportation



Donkeys are often used as working animals in agriculture and transportation, and they significantly improve the livelihoods of impoverished families.

Help with transportation

In communities where the journey to market is treacherous and filled with obstacles, the gift of a donkey can be life-changing. Families struggling to transport their produce face immense difficulties, as vast distances and rugged mountainous terrain make the task nearly impossible.

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donkey taking products to sale at the market haiti 2018,

Assist with agricultural tasks

Donkeys can assist with various agricultural tasks, such as plowing fields, transporting crops and water, and hauling agricultural inputs like seeds and fertilizer. This can lead to increased crop yields and agricultural productivity, improving food security and income for the family.

A brighter future

Your generous gift will grant its recipient a practical solution to overcome their transportation challenges, opening doors to a better livelihood and offering a pathway to thrive. With reduced physical burdens and hardships, families can focus on their core activities, pursue economic opportunities, and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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