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Latest Blog

  • What Are the Benefits of Volunteering at Food For The Poor?

    Volunteers help pack boxes of food at the FFTP warehouse and reap the benefits of volunteering

    Volunteers Say There Are Several What are the benefits of volunteering at Food For The Poor, one of the largest international charities in the country? There are several benefits. Not only do you get to give back to others, but you have fun doing so, says Karen Krebs, a retiree and volunteer at the organization.…

  • Empowering Communities: The Transformative Power of Safe Water

    young girl smiles as she puts her hands under an outdoor faucet using safe water to wash her hands

    Water security is a growing concern across the globe as demand and climate variables rise. While the health, ecological, and economic benefits of safe water are often the focus of discussion, the transformative power of safe water lies in empowering communities.  Water is a fundamental human need. We need it for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, cleaning, growing food,…

  • Provide Hope: Give Access to Health Care

    Young boy with access to healthcare getting his heart checked by a doctor with a stethoscope

    Donors provide access to health care and save lives Does Food For The Poor do more than provide food? Yes, we do! Together with donors, we provide access to health care throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the many areas of need where Food For The Poor focuses its mission is on inadequate…

  • Steps to Sustainable Development in an Impoverished Community

    Young girl paints a design on a wall of a sustainable community building

    Sustainable Development Means Teamwork Why give a person a fish to feed them for a day when you can teach an entire village to fish, sell the fish, and sustain their lives? This is what sustainable development does for the people Food For The Poor helps. Guided by a thorough monitoring and evaluation process, the…

  • Keep Christ in Christmas

    drawing done by a young child of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus to keep Christ in Christmas

    Donors Can Keep Christ in Christmas Through Acts of Love and Service Remember the 1965 television special A Charlie Brown Christmas? Charlie Brown was desperate to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Lucy believed Christmas was a racket developed by unseen corporations. (Lucy: “Look, Charlie, let’s face it. We all know that Christmas is a…

  • 3 Ways Partnerships Leverage Generosity to Help Food For The Poor Fight Poverty

    a group of people working together to solve a puzzle working to fight poverty

    Eradicating poverty in all its forms by 2030 is the United Nations’ number one sustainable development goal, which is supported by Food For The Poor. It’s a daunting challenge that highlights the urgent need for collective action and compassionate solutions across the globe. In a world filled with division and inequality, charity and generosity shine…

  • 5 Benefits of Charitable Giving

    Woman hands out gifts to children on a mission trip

    Charitable Giving Is ‘A Pure Act of Kindness’ With our fast-paced lifestyles and constant distractions, charitable giving is a timeless reminder of our shared humanity. At its core, charity is a beautiful expression of compassion and generosity. It is the embodiment of our collective desire to alleviate suffering, uplift communities, and create positive change. Often…

  • How Charities Help Resolve Child Malnutrition

    Haitian woman helps young children sitting at a table eating food

    Child malnutrition is a severe issue in Latin America and the Caribbean. Food security is fragile in countries such as Guatemala and Haiti, presenting enormous challenges for charities wishing to help. Through constructive partnerships Food For The Poor ensures children receive proper nutrition and have a fighting chance at recovery. How critical is good nutrition…

  • FFTP Celebrates Team Members During Hispanic Heritage Month

    During National Hispanic Heritage Month, Food For The Poor is proud to spotlight team members of Hispanic descent who share our mission to help impoverished people in Latin America and the Caribbean. Born and Raised in Ecuador, Vivian Borja Is Now a Food For The Poor Executive Helping To Lift Families Out of Poverty and…

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrate Empowerment

    During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the rich history, culture, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States. This annual observance from September 15 through October 15, serves as an opportunity to recognize the significant strides made by individuals and organizations, both locally and globally, to uplift and empower communities in…

  • How to Monitor For Success in Sustainable Development Communities

    In today’s world of immense economic, social and environmental challenges, addressing the concerns and various dimensions of poverty is no easy task. As one of the largest relief and development organizations in the world, Food For The Poor is committed to transforming lives by providing those living in extreme poverty an opportunity to forge a…

  • Sustainable Development: 4 Ways To Build Lives and a Better Future

    Two women take part in a bakery sustainable development project.

    The concept of sustainable development is not new. It emerged in the 1980s as a solution to the challenge of meeting the material needs of today’s global population while maintaining the quality of the environment for following generations. Beyond protecting the environment, sustainable development focuses on empowering impoverished people and communities and helping them to…

  • How Partnerships Help Build Safe Housing

    The statistics reflect the grim reality: According to the Inter-American Development Bank, a funding source for development throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, nearly half of residents in the region live in ”unsuitable housing built with precarious materials or without basic amenities.” The houses, which are typically rudimentary shacks assembled from scraps of wood, tin…

  • Supporting Impoverished Families Through Sustainable Housing Solutions

    Today, we are taking housing solutions to a new level by empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

    Living in a flimsy shack likely to collapse with a well-placed kick is no way for children to grow and thrive. Since its inception in 1982, Food For The Poor has been helping families living in poverty by building safe, secure homes. Thanks to our generous donors, we have completed more than 93,600 homes for…

  • Supporting Early Childhood Education in Jamaica

    Students and teachers stand outside a school in Jamaica.

    Partnership helps schools make the grade Across the Caribbean and Latin America, Food For The Poor and our supporters work together to improve the quality and availability of education at every stage of a child’s development. And what better example than the most recent renovation of the Spring Garden Infant Department and Brain Building Center…

  • Empowerment for Children: Educating Our Future

    A teacher in Haiti writes on a chalkboard as students write in their notebooks.

    Education is known as the foundation for the development and empowerment of children as future leaders in nearly every society in the world. For many children living with multidimensional poverty in the countries where Food The The Poor helps in the Caribbean and Latin America, access to an education can be extremely limited to nonexistent.…

  • Out of the Ashes: How FFTP Recovery Efforts Sparked a Community Rebirth

    Relief items including MannaPack meals from Food For The Poor partner Feed My Starving Children arrive at the port on the island of St. Vincent, where they were shipped by charity partners Caritas Grenada and St. Lucia Redemptorists. Photo courtesy Fr. Kevin Murray, the Diocese of Kingstown

    A Community Rises Out of the Ashes Stronger Than Before When a disaster strikes, the aftermath can be devastating, a trail of destruction that leaves communities with the heart-wrenching burden of picking up the pieces and rebuilding. Quick relief followed by effective disaster recovery efforts not only save more lives and reduce loss but ensure…

  • Disaster Relief: 4 Reasons Rapid Response Is Crucial to Saving Lives

    When disaster strikes, entire villages, cities and regions can be affected, leaving hundreds or thousands of injured and displaced families in urgent need of lifesaving aid and assistance. That’s why it’s crucial to respond quickly. And to do that, being prepared BEFORE disaster strikes is key to saving more lives and recovering more quickly. Access…

  • Leaving a Legacy of Love: FFTP Webinar Helps Donors Create Sound Estate Plans

    Creating an estate plan that clearly states your wishes for distributing your assets and your final arrangements is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your family and loved ones. This last gesture, which doesn’t always require an estate planning attorney, frees those you hold dear of the burden of trying to…

  • A New Center Gives Hope to Childhood Cancer Patients

    A young girl in a pink and white flowered dress sits in a chair at a hospital. Her hair is wispy and very short, and she has a scrape on her nose.

    Your child has cancer. These are words every parent dreads hearing. In Honduras, such a diagnosis could be terrifying, as medical treatment was not always available for childhood cancer. But now, treatment is available in Honduras and parents have hope for their children recently diagnosed with pediatric cancer. In this blog, we’ll explore how a…

  • What can caring people do to provide medical care for an innocent child?

    A doctor in Guatemala listens to a toddler's chest using a stethoscope.

    In Guatemala, the chances of survival were slim for a sweet baby named Marcela because of ectopia cordis, a rare condition in which a baby is born with a heart partially or entirely outside the chest cavity. Only 8 of every 1 million babies have ectopia cordis, and 90 percent die within three days of…

  • How Treated Water Improves Lives

    Two men in Haiti stand in front of a water filtration unit that provides treated water.

    Providing access to treated water prevents illnesses. Drinking and cooking with water that is full of bacteria exposes children and families to stomach issues, diarrhea and other waterborne illnesses. Children under age 5 are especially vulnerable to waterborne illnesses – diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which can cause a child to become extremely ill. 161…

  • Why is water access important for children in developing countries?

    water access

    The infographic below covers several reasons why access to water is important for building sustainable communities. Food For The Poor supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6: ensuring water access and sanitation for all. The goal is to work with communities to produce improved and safely managed water sources. Women and children are most…

  • 3 Ways Food For The Poor Volunteers Fight Food Insecurity

    A woman places two cans of food into cardboard boxes.

    Giving Thanks by Giving Back: Volunteers Unite to Help Relieve Food Insecurity Food insecurity is on the rise around the world. Conflict, inflation and climate extremes have combined for an unprecedented food crisis. The cost to deliver food assistance is at an all-time high and a rise in life-threatening hunger has followed. Every day, more…

  • The Heart of Giving: 6 Added Benefits of Volunteering

    A volunteer in a warehouse packs canned goods into a cardboard box. She is wearing a lanyard with a badge that says "Volunteer." A row of volunteers is visible in the background.

    People volunteer for all types of causes and for different reasons. With a compassionate heart and a genuine desire to help others, volunteers give of their time, energy and skills. People who volunteered with businesses and nonprofit organizations became invaluable resources. Research shows that volunteer connections have many additional benefits beyond giving back and providing…

  • What is child sponsorship at Food For The Poor?

    A boy in an Angels of Hope home in Honduras smiles for the camera.

    A unique way to sponsor a child Food For The Poor is one of the best charities you can choose for child sponsorship. Through our Angels Of Hope child sponsorship program, children living in established group homes with loving caretakers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America are given the critical resources every child needs. In…

  • 3 Ways Angels Of Hope Make A Lasting Impact Through Sponsorship

    A young boy holding a teddy bear that was provided by food for the poor

    For children living in extreme poverty, life can be incredibly difficult. Essentials like food, health care, education and safe shelter aren’t guaranteed. These children are vulnerable and twice as likely to die in childhood. That’s why child sponsorship through the Angels Of Hope program can transform a child’s life! Our Angels Of Hope sponsor the…

  • Celebrate National Bible Week

    A woman in a makeshift homes reads a Bible. Her young sons stands behind her.

    Devoting time to reading the Bible during Thanksgiving week is a wonderful way to remind ourselves of the many ways God blesses us through His word.

  • A Vision for Haiti

    Dr. Lynne Nasrallah holds the finger of a baby boy with a severe skin disease in Haiti.

    Each day, Food For The Poor Board Member Dr. Lynne Nasrallah contemplates the “Stations of the Cross” – the 14 stations that guide believers through the steps taken by Jesus from his condemnation to his burial and resurrection.

  • How Food For The Poor is Fighting Poverty: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

    Over the last month, Food For The Poor has taken great pride in acknowledging National Hispanic Heritage Month with articles about developments in the Hispanic countries where the charity works and with social media posts featuring FFTP team members of Hispanic descent and their passion for service.

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month: A Time of Reflection and Appreciation

    National Hispanic heritage month multicolored graphic by food for the poor

    Over the last month, Food For The Poor has taken great pride in acknowledging National Hispanic Heritage Month with articles about developments in the Hispanic countries where the charity works and with social media posts featuring FFTP team members of Hispanic descent and their passion for service.

  • Giving Back: Volunteers Help FFTP, Build Connections, Make Memories

    Florida Atlantic University Owls women’s volleyball team was eager to pack meals at FAU Arena

    Food For The Poor’s Volunteer Program continues to grow. Last month, more than 450 volunteers representing South Florida churches, businesses and community-minded individuals helped the charity assemble 116,640 MannaPack meals for families in need in Ukraine. Florida Atlantic University Owls women’s volleyball team was eager to pack meals at FAU Arena, its home gymnasium court.…

  • Good Things Come in Trees – Tree-Planting Project Thrives in Jamaica

    A boy and a girl in Jamaica plant fruit trees.

    Across the island of Jamaica, areas once covered with shade trees and lush fruit trees are shockingly barren. Deforestation can ravage communities over time when people living in poverty and lacking other resources cut down trees in their desperate search for wood to cook with and build shelter. After years of tree felling, with no…

  • Called to Help: Change a Life Today

    Maria and her children standing outside their new home in Latin America.

    Huddled together in a flimsy shack, Maria did her best to keep her four young children safe during heavy rains and bitterly cold nights. Many families experiencing extreme poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America like Maria’s live without a proper home and go hungry. Jobs are scarce and low-paying at best. All it takes…

  • Sharing the Inspiring Story of the FFTP Clergy Speakers’ Family

    Twenty FFTP Clergy Speakers stand in the prayer room at FFTP headquarters, during the Clergy Speakers Convocation.

    Going to the annual Food For The Poor Clergy Speakers’ Convocation is like visiting family, like a spiritual retreat, like going to a continuing ed workshop. We speakers have joined a family. As family we share stories. Recently I shared the story of an assignment I had in February. The huge sign outside the church…

  • Behind the Scenes: Spicy Sustainability

    A farmer in Honduras holds jalapeno peppers.

    Representatives from our partner organization in Honduras, CEPUDO, picked us up at the airport and were thrilled to tell us we were immediately going to visit a new project. CEPUDO President Linda wanted to surprise us, so she kept us in suspense for the entire ride. A few hours outside of San Pedro Sula, we…

  • Life is Sweeter With Honey: Beekeeping Success Transforms Lives

    Beekeepers tend to hives in Honduras.

    What can fly 15 miles per hour, loves flowers and supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? It’s the humble honeybee! What better day to celebrate honeybees and beekeepers than May 20, World Bee Day? Bees play an essential role in sustainable agriculture and beekeeping is a key provider of jobs in rural communities. Many small-scale…

  • Volunteers at the Heart of Food For The Poor

    Volunteers pack items at Food For The Poor's first Hearts United Community Day.

    Volunteers have a hands-on way to give back through Food For The Poor’s new Volunteer Program. The charity officially launched the program in April with its first Hearts United Community Day, an event that brings together schools, churches, businesses and community-minded individuals. Throughout the year, FFTP hosts groups for small packing events and invites volunteers…

  • A Servant’s Heart: Indiana Donor Honors Memory of His Mother with Homes in Honduras

    A grateful family stands in front of their new home in Villanueva, Honduras, provided by longtime Food For The Poor donor Tim Thoman

    Longtime donor Tim Thoman was looking for a meaningful way to honor his late mother, Joyce Thoman, who died last year. He found it by stepping in to complete the funding for 20 homes in Villanueva, Honduras, for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Community Commemoration project. All 20 two-bedroom concrete homes were completed earlier this year…

  • MannaPack rice meals provided to Ukraine families by Feed My Starving Children

    Food For The Poor is working through FMSC to help the people of Ukraine by providing support for food aid.

    As a Christian ministry, prayer is at the front and center of all that we do. We offered prayer for the people of Ukraine and we invited you to pray with us. But we also have been anxious to explore other options to help. Food For The Poor is working through Feed My Starving Children,…

  • Generations of Hope

    In a remote area of Guyana where the literacy rate is low and food insecurity is high, the residents of Baramita Village hold onto hope. Food For The Poor donor-supported projects recently implemented in Baramita include the Food Security Project and a new library with a specific focus on supporting the education of children ages…

  • God Gives Strength

    The rickety house in Jamaica where Nola and her children used to live was dangerous. Made of wood slats, rusty zinc sheets and other scraps, it had many sharp edges. The children sometimes cut themselves when they brushed up against them. There was no way to keep her little ones safe. During rainstorms, water dripped…

  • Celebrate a Very Special Day

    Forty years ago, our shared journey began. We’re dedicated to living out the gospel and helping those living in extreme poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean. And we are so grateful for the support of friends like you who make it all possible. Through your generosity, children whose bodies ache with hunger are fed.…

  • Share in Our Joyful Celebration

    Food For The Poor will celebrate our 40th anniversary on February 12, 2022, and I thank God for YOU. The biblical history of the number 40, which appears numerous times across the Old and New Testaments, inspired early Christians in their dedication to Jesus and the Gospel. God gave each of us an awesome task:…

  • Just One Can Make a Difference

    By Michael Turnbell When we share the mission of Food For The Poor and the plight of families in desperate need, we never know who may be listening or whose heart may be moved. Longtime FFTP speaker Fr. Tony Palazzolo had one such experience in September at Our Lady of the Lake Church in Cropwell,…

  • Relieve Families in Crisis

    For 40 years, friends like you have stood alongside us to help poor children and families weather any storm — no matter how devastating. Your faith in God and the kindness of people like you has never wavered. That’s why we’re reaching out to our most steadfast friends, to help families in urgent need suffering…

  • Celebrate 40 Years of Faith

    Food For The Poor will celebrate our 40th anniversary on February 12, 2022. At the heart of periods when God prepared the world for meaningful changes, you can find the number 40: God flooded the earth (40 days and nights) Israel’s children wandered in the wilderness (40 years) Jesus and Moses were together on Mount…

  • A Mother’s Love

    Candida loves her daughters and is deeply rooted in her community in Nicaragua where she has lived since she was 8 years old. She is raising her children as a single mother, and would pick through trash in the local dump from sunrise to sunset for a daily wage. Family Ties The moment Candida stepped…

  • Meeting Angela

    By David Langle, Project Manager, South America In early December, a colleague and I had the opportunity to meet someone very special to Food For The Poor and its donors. Her name is Angela and one of our partners took us to the Roosevelt Institute in Bogota, Colombia, where she has been receiving lifesaving treatment…

  • Tiny Greeter, Huge Welcome

    Every time the front door opened at a rural nutrition center in Guatemala that I was visiting with our team, 4-year-old Dervy marched right up to each visitor. I watched as he smiled broadly, spread his little arms in a sweeping motion across the entryway and then gleefully shouted, “¡Bienvenido!”, the Spanish word for “welcome.”…

  • A Loving Legacy: FFTP Partner Donates Toys in Memory of Beloved Employee

    By Michael Turnbell Steve Bryant loved kids. That love and his passion for serving others soon will bless thousands of children in the Caribbean and Latin America. A longtime employee of Gleaning For The World, a Food For The Poor partner, Steve was especially fond of the organization’s Teddy Bear Brigade that collects stuffed animals…

  • Your Christmas Gifts Deliver Hope to Children

    Thank you to all of our donors and partners who helped us bring the joy of Christmas to the children we serve. This past Christmas, many of you shared your love for children and took part in our annual Toy Drive via Amazon Smile. More than 2,400 toys were donated from our Amazon Wish List…

  • A Bond Strengthened: A Donor Gives Thanks, Lifts Spirits

    By Michael Turnbell I was feeling down. I wasn’t having the kind of productive day I wanted working from home after losing internet service for hours. After four weeks of living with stay-at-home orders, I felt even more isolated. I closed my laptop and went for a long walk to clear my head. When I…

  • “In our abundance, we are called to give back.”

    Not long before our world was consumed by news of the coronavirus, 16-year-old Natalie Anderson traveled to Guatemala with Food For The Poor’s Radio Media team. The best experiences in my life often come as surprises, out of thin air, and my journey to Guatemala alongside Food For The Poor was no different. The opportunity…

  • Haiti Earthquake: 10-Year Reflection

    By Leann Chong, Director, Missions & Travel When people find out about my experience in Haiti 10 years ago, they often describe it as a miracle.  I wholeheartedly agree! Our mission group from Lynn University had experienced impactful days in the field, visiting our Canteen where we served meals to hungry families, and playing with…

  • Givers Get Something, Too!

    Six-year-old Junior couldn’t have been more thrilled to open a backpack stuffed with folders, notebooks, pencils, Crayola markers and highlighters that came to him and 28 other boys at an Angels Of Hope children’s home in Guyana from more than 2,000 miles away. This past year, employees at Bankers Healthcare Group filled 400 backpacks with…

  • The Healing Power of God’s Love

    Siblings, Drucilla, 7, Simon, 2, and Nancy, 9, (pictured above) spent most of their young lives dirty, bruised and hungry begging on the street for money from strangers. But instead of filling the children’s painfully empty bellies with food, their mother chose to feed her drug and alcohol habit. Abused and neglected by their parents,…

  • Motherhood: the purest expressions of love, spirituality, endurance and devotion

    Food For The Poor staff photographer Hilda Perez writes about the resilient spirit of the mothers we serve. On Mother’s Day we set aside a time to honor mothers. I’m fortunate to still have mine, the center of my universe, but this day of honor can be difficult for those who have lost their mother,…

  • Answered Prayers

    Prayers do get answered, and a young couple in El Salvador received confirmation when they were blessed with a new Food For The Poor home. For years, Julissa, 30, prayed for a new house and a safe place to raise her children. When she and her husband started their family, they were homeless. Year after…

  • Island fisherman loses all but his abiding faith in devastating Honduras fire

    By Ernestine Williams When fire raged through Bonacca Key, off the Honduran island of Guanaja, 61-year-old Cirilo was among those who struggled to bring the blaze under control, searching for pumps and other equipment to extinguish the flames when buckets of water were not enough. At one point, Cirilo helped transport someone to get medical…

  • The One We Touch: How a Small Crocheted Starfish Sparked a Legacy

    By Michael Turnbell It was a chance encounter, but one that was forever impressed upon the heart of Dr. Lynne Nasrallah. Dr. Lynne, as she is affectionately known at Food For The Poor, met Filiana on a mission trip to Haiti in 2002. She was being treated for leprosy at Cardinal Leger Hospital. “I remember…

  • Desperate Prayers Answered

    Every night, 3-year-old Anisa laid her thin blanket out on the wood floor before going to sleep, crowded into a small corner of the rundown shack in Guyana with her four older siblings. Rain often interrupted their sleep as water leaked through the rusted zinc roof. Their mother, Patricia, plugged the holes with strips of…

  • Help a Child in Need of School Supplies

    Can you imagine going back to school without pencils, notebooks or a backpack?  Unfortunately, that’s the reality for so many students in the countries we help, but today you are the key to unlocking a successful school year for children in need. Click www.foodforthepoor.org/backtoschool to shop our Amazon Wish List, and you can choose from…

  • Haiti Desperately Needs You!

    A grave humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Haiti due to escalating civil unrest, skyrocketing food prices, lack of jobs, and hunger. COVID-19 is raging out of control. Without access to the vaccine, new COVID-19 variants have caused cases to rapidly rise in Haiti. “The hospitals are all full,” said Bishop Ogé Beauvoir, Executive Director of…

  • A House with No Walls

    In Nicaragua, Petronila lived in fear. Her home was a dangerous, rickety shack that had no walls. Whenever it rained, water would pour in from every direction. “… We couldn’t sleep because we would get wet,” Petronila said. “The children would miss school because they would get their backpacks and their notebooks wet.” Her worst…

  • Join Our New Facebook Group!

    Food For The Poor has recently launched a new Facebook group for our donors! Members of this group will have access to exclusive news, stories, videos and glimpses behind the scenes. This special community has been built especially for our generous donors who do so much to help those in extreme poverty. Donors can join…

  • Bring Christmas Joy to a Child!

    You can bring Christmas joy to children in the Caribbean and Latin America by donating to our Christmas Toy Drive. It’s easy to give through our Amazon Wish List. Please visit www.foodforthepoor.org/toydrive to shop for toys, including art supplies, soccer balls and teddy bears. We will deliver the toys to children in the countries we…

  • Sonali – A Champion for the Poor

    Sonali Surve has been a dedicated supporter of Food For The Poor since 2013. Sonali has been collecting food to help families in need for years. Every July, she continues this tradition. Even during the hot days of summer, she relentlessly collects food items despite the challenges it can bring. Sonali has inspired people like…

  • Glimpses and Moments: Thoughts from Our Staff Photographer

    By Hilda Perez, Food For The Poor Staff Photographer For most of us here and around the world, this year so far has been filled with challenges and for many has been about changes, adapting and enduring. Sadly, for countless people, it has also been about personal loss.  I’m grateful and fortunate that for me,…

  • Help a Child in Need of School Supplies

    It’s easy to provide school supplies for kids in need in Latin America and the Caribbean! Click www.foodforthepoor.org/backtoschool to shop our Amazon Wish List, and you can choose from among several critically-needed items, such as pencils, backpacks and notebooks. We will deliver the supplies to children in need in the countries we serve. “School supplies…

  • #GivingTuesdayNow: Food For The Poor Partners Express Need for Food

    The message from Food For The Poor’s compassionate and dedicated partners working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic is loud and clear: food supplies are dwindling fast. The coronavirus pandemic has brought hunger to millions of people around the world, especially in the developing countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. Lockdowns are…

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